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Evacuation Code Deciphered (6:16)


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  • Chimba de canción de Arcturus, cuanta mas le escuchas más te termina gustando.
  • I listen to this song hoping one day to fully embrace and implement into my life its message. For now though, I'm still too dumb. It's been like this forever, it seems.
  • This song gives me chills evertime i hear it since ive heard it the first time....The end of this song has so much feeling it just runs up my fuckin SPINE!
  • This song is much better when you DON'T read the lyrics, as they're mostly quite retarded. And not in an ironic 'jester' sort of way either. Still an excellent song and the best on the album though.
  • Best lyrics EVER!
  • Best Arcturus song EVER!
  • @megadave70: Huh? What the hell are you blabbering about? Roger Waters isn't really known for his vocal skills, Gilmour was always the better singer. And what's with the comparison? Do you even know what Roger Waters sounds like? Well, nothing like this. Simen Hestnæs is one of the most convincing clean vocalists in Metal Music. And "out of tune"? That's a joke, right? Anyway... amazing song! My fav from this Album.
  • This is an awesome song!
  • Sorry guys there's nothing Epic about a dude who sounds like Roger Waters singing Black Metal out of tune!!!!
  • EPIC!
  • EPIC!Hhaha
  • it is similar Pink Floyd
  • Great .
  • :-)
  • Just love this piece ... simply epic ...
  • holy shit, the bass synth in the last minute
  • Arcturus has to be the absolute most eerie, haunting, mysterious band ever. if anyone knows of another band who are as haunting as this, please let me know
  • the vocals are haunting in this song
  • You and I are not lost without words , We can live again without rebirth /// Awesome!!!
  • I swear it's just the new "Avante-garde" thing to have stupid lyrics...excellent song though! don't pay any mind to the lyrics and you can jam to the awesome music and vocals!
  • this is no place to linger let your throat embrace your finger evacuate this tomb there is always an exit for aliens infected our race seems we crashed on the way FCKIN EPIC !!! \m/
  • a band of burglars stealing traces from their lost shoes <3
  • bisss
  • Fantastic elastic all things can be spastic ... absolute state of beauty
  • Great song!...great voices....
  • Bring's chaotic thoughts to my mind. (2)
  • Reminds me of the film "Phantom of the Paradise".
  • stellar. word.
  • Bring's chaotic thoughts to my mind
  • eargasm.
  • Ahhhhh......the Mr. Vortex. <3<3
  • \/ The one that starts at about 4:00? Goddamit I hate when they destory the cool rythm for those moody parts :'( (Same with Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer)
  • I totally love this song. Especially the two dried up bugs.. part. The beauty! :D
  • favorite song :)
  • Best song on Sideshow Symphonies at all. *dogeyes*

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