• Archive - somehow a great feeling !

    Mai 3 2006, 16h00 por Mylenemym

    More than 4 years ago, I discovered Archive but I only figured out who they were last year. So last December, I bought Londinium, the must-have cd from this band. I really like it so I even bought Take My Head last month. These albums are perfect when you're feeling low but not depressed, pissed off but not mad... Well, when I'm feeling bitter and cynical in fact.
    And there's that song, Old Artist, that actually even make me think of death, when we just died and are on our way to go up to the sky -if we consider that things happen like this- but in a beautiful kind of way. I first thought I was really weird to analyse it like that especially because I love that song. But I just visited the new site for the forthcoming album http://www.archivelights.com and they shot something in a cemetery in Paris and I learned they even promote there at their begining.So finally, I guess my intuition was a bit right!
    The moral of the story would be that whatever you may feel when you listen to music…