• Poznań 440

    Jul 12 2008, 12h31 por darkh

    The time has come to ... push the button (and write something here)

    Thu 31 May – Juwenalia Poznań 2008

    I must say that Poznań is a really nice city.

    Beside Apollo 440 there were some appetizers:

    Apogeum - the first artist to perform that day. This was bad, very bad. Tragic I could say. I think that the vocalist tried to be funny, but it didn't work out.

    Muchy - all in all the performance was quite good but the final comment (about other gigs audience) made by the vocalist was way out of place. Zero respect. He can go and fook himself.

    Then there was some pointless talking made by the conferencier for aprox 2 hours. This was boring.

    Blenders - their show was great. I enjoyed it very much.

    And then came time for the main course - Apollo 440.

    At first I was concerned about the show because only five of them came (I thought that at least eight would come). But when they begun to play all my worries went away.