• Ryan listens to every band Fueled By Ramen has ever had!

    Jan 31 2007, 14h22 por happybivouac

    Fueled By Ramen was founded in April of 1996 by Less Than Jake drummer/lyricist (not a job title you see often) Vinnie Fiorello and his friend John Janick. Named for a cheap food staple in most punk revivalist's diets, Vinnie used the label as an opportunity to put out records by all the great bands he encountered while on tour. However, as the label has become more and more synonymous with a man who once "leaked" pictures of his penis on the internet and his contribution to the label, a perianal abscess called Decaydance Records, its credibility has fallen in the eyes of many (or at least me and some people I know and a bunch of people on punknews.org). Vinnie, apparently disillusioned with the label and growing bored of receiving checks from major record companies for helping to "develop" bands like Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, and The Academy Is, backed out on December 22, 2006.

    What I intend to do is write a completely biased overview of every band that has ever been on Fueled By Ramen's roster…
  • Calling All Apocalypse Hoboken Fans

    Out 15 2005, 2h51 por semjaza

    I figure there has to be a good amount of you guys on here. Join the group if you're a fan of Apocalypse Hoboken.