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  • how is it possible to make such awesome music like this...
  • vvvvv haha. Yeah. Just also fucking discovered it today.
  • Apparently Xtal is pronounced Crystal (like xmas = christmas) and this is fucking me up
  • Timeless masterpiece, i feel truly blessed that i've had the privilege of absorbing this album. I'm confident that i will listen to this record as long as i live.
  • v Agree, album definitely far ahead for '92
  • Masterful. i think RDJ has made a few better albums, but this is probably the best entry point for a prospective new fan.
  • @BollowYourGrue say that to the current trap music artists. The TR-808 is still used by a lot of people, so I wouldn't call it outdated.
  • So simple, so perfect
  • I wouldn't call this timeless by any means (some of the drum sounds are very dated) but that doesn't detract from how fantastic this album is
  • His best album by far, no discussions
  • on of the greatest music albums ever made. 10/10
  • Totally ahead of its time.
  • vv lol I'm sure he'd be thrilled
  • Top ten of all time for me - and that's a very big accolade.
  • Way ahead of it's time.
  • They should teach this at Schools. [6]
  • Great album. It's one of those that, when I listen to it, it takes me back to a very specific time of my life. I particularly associate it with long, lonely walks during a particularly cold winter several years back. I'd listened to the album plenty of times before then and I've listened to it plenty of times since, but listening to it still brings back feelings and mental images of those solitary walks with this playing on headphones. I prefer SAW Volume II and Drukqs to this one now, but this remains a special, brilliant record.
  • amazing. just amazing.
  • His best album.
  • They should teach this at Schools. [5]
  • This album sounds like a soundtrack of some 90's soccer videogame. Love to hear it to relax when I'm really tired
  • So smooth.
  • This album clicked once I started listening to it as an Ambient Techno album than an IDM album. Incredibly relaxing through out, great for concentration and one of the slickest atmospheres ever in Electronic. Fantastic.
  • They should teach this at Schools. [4]
  • [url=]recommended[/url] (free download)
  • Can't believe that these were recorded when he was so young. Absolute genius
  • They should teach this at Schools. [3]
  • One of the best albums of my life. A timeless masterpiece
  • Perfect soundtrack to a late night on the streets of London
  • Pulsewidth !!!!
  • eerie with halcyon samples and deep a spooky bubblebath
  • So fantastic for just chilling to, probably the best ambient album I've ever heard.
  • wish he made more stuff like this
  • Picked up the remastered version yesterday. Time to start listening again.
  • never gets old, this album was featured in the book 1001 albums you must hear before you dies, and then is the best ambient piece full of beauty music.
  • They should teach this at Schools. [2]
  • What a masterpiece.
  • One of the best albums to ever exist.
  • Anyone know anything similar to this album?
  • I would like to know which of these tracks was recorded in 1985 [3], when Richard was 14 years old.
  • This album changed my life. [2]
  • love
  • Best ambient album ever.
  • They should teach this at Schools .
  • If you like this album check also [url=]this[/url].
  • the drop is in your iq
  • This is THE ONLY album I can write essays to... and when I do, I write them well.
  • essay writing music


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