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  • Big City is my favourite but I really heart the whole album.
  • Aim a vampayer x1000
  • Just something i need to tell y'all: I'm vampire.
  • what a bad name =\
  • omg i fell in love with their music
  • worked over him .
  • The flower said, "I wish I was a tree," The tree said, "I wish I could be A different kind of tree, The cat wished that it was a bee, The turtle wished that it could fly Really high into the sky, Over rooftops and then dive Deep into the sea.
  • it's really sad they only have one album [2]
  • WE NEED A NEW CD! It's so beautiful, i just love this music
  • at first listen I thought it would be a woman...but it's a boy, or not? :D
  • ha cute
  • Tree Hugger and Vampire drive me crazy! aaaaah!<3<3<3
  • like Antsy Pants? then check out our music =) ----- acoustic indie songs, funny and different, FREE downloads =)
  • :)
  • <3
  • Fecking amazing :D
  • Freaking beasty
  • very sweet
  • ants in pants
  • shitty
  • i NEED a new cd. please please please. do something.
  • Tree hugger...!<3
  • Vampire is the coolest. :]
  • tree hugger <3
  • Big City is awesome!
  • I am a vampire! I have lost my fangs :( Aww soo cute! ♥
  • a fish that has a secret wish...:)
  • : ))
  • very adorable!
  • so damn cute
  • ;)
  • oh, henry henry kelly <3
  • imma a vampire!
  • Tree Hugger is so cute dammit!
  • I wish I had hands so I could hug you like a man ♪
  • wer can i download these? i loveeeee antsypants, i heard it frm juno hahhaha
  • i have lost my fangs <3
  • <3.
  • And I have lost my fangs!
  • i am a vampire, vampire, vampire!
  • Vampire - haha, amazing! :D.
  • I need the album soon
  • a hug would be nice, but hug my flower with your eyes!
  • amazing ^^
  • "i've been pay you for ZIS?!" "you can't fire me, i quit." "you can't quit, you're FIRED!"
  • LOVE IT!
  • XD nothing to add.


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