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Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime (4:07)

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Depleted uranium is used on the ends of bullets
And on the ends of shells because it is so hard
Almost any armament is vulnerable
To something that is tipped with depleted uranium

Anti-Flag - Letra de Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime

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  • depleated uranium is delicious.
  • i love this song, such a controversial and immoral topic has to be addressed. my friends often ask why i wrote like 2 songs about it with my current's because i actually give a shit about people and have no respect for people sink to using such destructive weapons.
  • such a sick song, just love the way anti - flag puts harsh topics in their songs.
  • "khoas: fuck you julcaaa_afa..u piece of shit..americas the shit.." - Says the kid with the Anarchist symbol for his Avatar.
  • The subject matter caught me off guard! I was in cx debate in high school, and we totally wrote up a huge affirmative argument about how fucked up depleted uranium is. Huh, go figure there was a punk song to go along with our case!
  • It's not about fucking America, just the immoral means by which she wages war. If you fucked America, there would be no Anti-Flag. Fail.
  • good song
  • +thank you very much _
  • [U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott:] "The doctor said, 'Women {in Iraq} at the time of birth don't ask if it's a boy or a girl, they ask: Is it normal?' ...The military denies first, and then after the evidence builds to the point where they can no longer deny, then they do the research. That's what happened in the Vietnam era around Agent Orange and I suspect and I'm worried that that's what will happen this time."
  • i love this song, although i have long had qustions like Offspringfan64.

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