• Ultimate thrash playlist

    Ago 12 2007, 19h15 por drunkenpunk

    Since most metalheads have had their share of thrashing. I am wondering what thrash songs could be worthy of belonging to one single playlist that would destroy all other ultimate thrash playlists. Please bear in mind that I have yet to check out Teutonic greats such as Sodom and Destruction in detail and I have not heard much underground and modern thrash. Not to mention much Overkill. Those who are reading please do contribute your own lists. Don't list stuff like Master of Puppets (Oh please, I had fucking enough) or any Trivium a.k.a Trivigay song, REAL thrash People.

    Another thing is that I'm making this list based on overall awesomeness which includes making you want to headbang and sing-along no matter how much you listen to.

    So without any further to do, I present to you ;

    1. Morbid Saint - Assassin

    Hahahaha, haven't heard anything that beats this.

    2. Kreator - Command of the Blade

    Catchy as fuck.

    3. Vio-Lence - Serial Killer