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  • heavy balls!
  • "better than emmure" well hey that's pretty obvious ain't it? emmure fucking sucks, my shits sound better than emmure.
  • "@bobo9390 this is NOT slam you fucking retard -____-" Naw it's slam
  • rip great fucking band
  • Check out Awaiting Chaos, their new song was released this Saturday featuring Chris from Chamber Of Malice!
  • why... :(
  • First EP them best work.
  • Dark Days is fucking tough. better than emmure)
  • A band releases 4 tracks of ignorant fun for mosh reasons and they get bashed and ridiculed for 3 years and still counting... seriously get over it already.
  • @bobo9390 this is NOT slam you fucking retard -____-
  • Everyone who worked on The Reign of Darkness should get together, without the vocalist, and write another album in vein of Reign of Darkness. Dark Days is mostly just junk.
  • welcome to fucking city
  • I want that they return to Sludge City... They go to a shitty place !
  • I remember this pile of shit "she bled from every fuckin hole" fuckin brutal bro
  • Dark Days goes so hard, can't believe I hated it before
  • I understand what they were trying to do with Reign of Darkness, but...whenever deathcore bands try to make death metal, it usually ends up being pretty boring. This band is no exception.
  • For anyone thats looking for some new music, Check out A Riot In Moscow! Progressive Death Metal from South Florida for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Veil Of Maya, Beneath The Massacre, And Thy Art Is Murder!
  • best slam band
  • [url=]My Bitter Half[/url] | [url=]Facebook[/url] MY BITTER HALF | THE DARKNESS IS COMING (EP) NEW!!! Genre: Deathcore [url=]Youtube Full EP Preview[/url] | [url=]Mediafire Download EP[/url]
  • Они нахуй лучшие!
  • R.I.P. [3]
  • the fact that they broke the fuck up proves there really is a god.
  • all you butthurt cunts are the reason the band disbanded
  • they would have never returned to their TROD style, because it wasnt fun for them playing death metal live , so fuck it
  • i want their breakup shirt omfg
  • R.I.P. (2)
  • R.I.P.
  • An ok band.
  • Welcome to Sludge City (EP) Best! [2] VOCAL FUCKING BEAST!
  • From the band: "Incase you missed it earlier Thanks for the support over the years, its been a great 6 years and we got to go to some amazing places, dunno how long we'll be on hiatus for or if its for good but we'll keep you posted. for those who didnt like our ep dark days, thats fine we get its different from R.O.D but it was a lot of fun to write and play live for us, which was the main point when we started AOAA back in 2006, some of us have other bands in the works which we will announce soon, Don is now in "The Life & Death". Come down to the last show jan 12th at the waterfront, norwich. which is THIS IS COLOUR's last ever show too. AOAA"
  • Similiar Artists Ingested??? lol wut
  • sad... so sad
  • This band really took a dive into the shit hole after "Reign of Darkness." That was such a promising album, what happened?
  • R.I.P old AOAA !!!
  • Band was getting better for a while, then they went back to being full on retard
  • Should have made a side project band for Dark Days imo, because it isn't AOAA at all to be fair. (I actually like everything they've done, including Dark Days, so I'm not bashing it, I'm just saying)
  • very fucking
  • Better than most faggot death metal around today, suck a shit prick metalheads. [2]
  • Are they serious with "Dark Days"? Worst follow up to a pretty decent album in awhile.
  • Better than most faggot death metal around today, suck a shit prick metalheads.
  • Hi There! Check out my deathcore/metalcore bands single "At the worlds end" here: AND "like" Our facebook page here: Thank you in advance!
  • Prosthetic Erection > every comment in this shoutbox. \2\
  • Sludge City is great.
  • v: No, they're just on hiatus
  • they splitted up? or does the vocalist just eat the drummer
  • They're splitting up? They put up a little fight but the trolls reign supreme once more :-)
  • Dark Days sucks so hard. Hopefully they return by returning to older stuff.


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