Mai 8 2007, 18h27 por random-design

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 73 related artists for my profile are A Tribe Called Quest AFI Alkaline Trio Anders Parker Anti-Flag (3) Bad Religion (2) Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution Barenaked Ladies Beastie Boys Beck Ben Folds Ben Folds Five Big D and the Kids Table Blackalicious (2) Bodyjar Bright Eyes Bullet for My Valentine Catch 22 Cherry Poppin' Daddies Chimaira Coldplay Dave Matthews Band (2) De La Soul Death Cab for Cutie (3) Elliott Smith Eskimo Joe Flogging Molly Frenzal Rhomb Frog Holler Grinspoon Guster (2) In Flames Indigo Swing Insatiable
  • 2006!!!

    Jan 2 2007, 0h00 por Moon_Pix

    1. Chris Bathgate- throat/sleep
    2. Woven Hand- mosaic
    3. Magnolia Eectric Co.- fading Trails
    4. Nina Nastasia - On Leaving
    5. Howe Gelb -No Angels Like You
    6. Band of horses- everything all the time
    7. Gob iron- Death songs for the Living
    8. Phillip Roebuck- Fever Pitch
    9. the black heart procession- The spell
    10. Jason Molina- let me go let me go let me go
    11. willard grant conspiracy- let it roll
    12. Stone Jack Jones - Bluefolk
    13. Richard Buckner- Meadow
    14. Horse Feathers - words are dead
    15. William Elliot Whitmore - Song of the Blackbird
    16. the Necks Chemist
    17. centro-matic - forth recovery
    18. Akron Family- meek warrior
    19. the hold steady- boys and girls in america
    20. Pearl jam- st
    21. Damien Jurado - now that i'm in your shadow
    22. Bonnie Prince Billy - the letting go
    23. Viking moses - the parts that showed
    24. Creech Holler - With Signs following
    25. O'Death - head home
    26. M.Ward -Post War
    27. Anders Parker - st
  • New Music

    Dez 4 2006, 16h49 por tweedyfarrar

    New Music-

    The Autumn Defense- Circles
    I've had this album awhile, but I've only started listening to it with any regularly recently. It consist of the duo John Stiratt (The Hilltops, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco) and Pat Sassone (various projects, and currently in Wilco). Circles is a truly cohesive album. Beatiful baroque pop, acoustic guitars and swelling strings are the centerpiece of the sound, while Stirratt's lilting vocals meld into the mix perfectly. I love the opening lyrics "why am I sad/ the city lights are beatiful." The duo's first album The Green Hour was somewhat of a mixed bag with various influences and kind of disjointed sounding to these ears. It displayed some obvious and less obvious influences (Neil Young, Van Dyke Parks, etc.) and sounded about how you would expect a side project by a bassist would sound. However, The Green Hour makes more sense if you look at as a transition from Stirratt's early writing and work with The Hilltops, The Gimme Caps, and his vocal contribution to A. …
  • Concerts Summary - November 2006

    Dez 2 2006, 20h04 por heatherc

    November 1 - Ladyhawk (w/So Many Dynamos; Sleep Out) @ Beat Kitchen: I'd only listened to Ladyhawk's album a couple times before this show. I really liked it, but the show totally took me by surprise. It was very much a rock show (nothing "indie" about them other than their record label). Having listened to the album again afterwards I can hear where it came from, so I really shouldn't have been surprised. They only played about 40 minutes and I spent much of that time getting used to what I was seeing. I think I would have liked it better if I knew they would rock so much, and if it had been a weekend. Instead, I liked the few songs that sounded closer to the album the most. But now that I know, I'll need to see them again to determine whether or not I like them live. I'm inclined to think yes. I've listened to the album several times since the show and it is quickly racing up the list of my favorite 2006 albums. So Many Dynamos weren't my thing…
  • What the hell have I been listening to???

    Set 4 2006, 16h08 por TravelbySea

    Curious about what I was listening most to the past year or so, I decided to write it down and see it all in one place. When I look back at my weekly top 3 from the past year, it reminds me of much of what I've been up to. Man, it's been a busy year! But also a really, really great year! In the past year I've found a woman I really think I will happily spend the rest of my life with, my band Travel by Sea put out its debut CD to great reviews, I bought 2 more houses and moved twice (in a 4 month period... I must be crazy!), did a ton of home improvement work, I traveled a lot-- Mexico, Washington DC several times, Portland Maine, and all over my home state of Colorado, I worked my ass off at work, I snapped a lot of photographs, and more.

    I see my list contains my own band Travel by Sea in it a few times. For anyone who's co-written, recorded, mixed, and produced an album before (I never had before), you find yourself listening to the music a lot to make sure it's what you really want. …
  • Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, HOB Myrtle Beach, 7/27/06

    Jul 30 2006, 4h07 por adm149

    So, this was my first Ryan Adams show. I've been a big fan since Gold came out in...was it '02? Anyway, I think he was one of the first artists I got into that really led to my escape from the mainstream. I'd listen to that record over and over again, all 70 some minutes of it. My favorites now are Stranger's Almanac and Heartbreaker , but that album is special to me because of that. Anyway, I was kinda really excited about the show and kinda reserved, For a variety of reasons. First off, I wasn't so hot on any of the three albums of 2005, liking each one less and less in succession. Secondly, Adams's live reputation is know to be, to put it nicely, spotty.

    In any case, we got to the venue around 9, and caught most of the opening act, a guy named Neil Casal. His songs seemed alright, but he came off as a mediocre Anders Parker/Amos Lee mixture. Ryan Adams came out with his pedal steel player and played drums on the last couple of songs. …
  • Another live music tale (but not really) (well, kinda) (yes, stop being indecisive)

    Jun 25 2006, 17h51 por adm149

    So, last Wednesday I was just randomly checking out the upcoming shows at local venues when I found that Tim Easton was playing the Village Tavern on Mt. Pleasant. I had heard of Tim Easton before in various references to rootsy singer-songwriters and in connection with Wilco (members of Wilco played on one of his albums (this is the version of Wilco w/ Jay Bennett and Ken Coomer).

    Anyway, the Village Tavern is actually this medium sized bar which every now and then books Americana recording artists. I saw Anders Parker and Richard Buckner do acoustic sets there about a year ago. So Easton comes on, and he kinda surprised me. I listened to a few of his songs on MySpace before showing up, and with his voice I kinda figured he would look older. His songs were great though, and live his fingerpicking is a lot more predominant than on his recordings. He seemed to be in a relatively happy mood, and talked a lot about little things, possibly because he was a little nervous about somebody recording the show.
  • Anders Parker - New Album

    Mai 2 2006, 21h29 por OceanDriveRecordings

    Taken From: http://www.adamlasus.com/

    I am one week into making Anders Parker's new record. It is sounding amazing.

    We recorded live (including vocals) last week with a band made up of Ken Coomer (Wilco) on drums, Eric Heywood (Sun Volt, Jayhawks) on pedal steel, Jennifer Condos (Jackson Browne) on bass and Kirk Swan (Dumptruck,Steve Wynn) on Guitar. Sally Timms of the Mekons is coming in tomorrow to sing!!

    This was my first recording session at the new Fireproof and I am happy to say that the drum sounds are huge... the concrete floor makes for some crazy low end and the high end is natural sounding. Everyone was real excited about recording to tape and at 15ips that tape sounds real good. Ander's new songs are fantastic and we recorded a bunch of tunes on my upright piano I just bought on craigslist.

    It's really exciting for me to see the new studio in action and to know I am going to be making some great records here over the next couple years. Fireproof is rolling again and in a big enough place to do it in!!