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Anúna é um grupo coral irlandês. Em 1987, o compositor Michael McGlynn, natural de Dublin, República da Irlanda, fundou Um Uaithne, um nome que representa os três tipos antigos da música céltica tais como Suantrai (canção de ninar), Geantrai (canção feliz) e Goltrai ( lamento). Um dos objetivos principais do grupo seria explorar e redefinir esse tipo de música como também executar os trabalhos originais de McGlynn e os…

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  • Come to Brazil!
  • Trying to make more stuff available for people to listen to... hope we can make this work :-)
  • "..." doom...metal? Someone having a bit of fun here? o . O
  • ♪♫ღ♥Suantrai♥ღ♫♪
  • It looks like an organized Christian bash to me. I'd like to point out that both England and Ireland have both been Christian since the Middle Ages. It would be difficult to find "ancient" music that predates this, no matter how hard you try. Even if the lyrics are about their Celtic roots, it doesn't mean that they are pagan by religion. I liked the movie "Thor." That doesn't make me a Norse believer. I just enjoy mythology. Saying you don't like Anuna because some of the music has Christian origin is like saying "I like sitar music -- too bad the musicians are Hindu." It's just an ignorant thing to say. Since I'm a Christian, I would be glad if it were actually true that they are Christian. I have sung in enough choirs to know that singing Christian music doesn't make you a Christian -- it just makes you someone who appreciates classical music. (Most classical European music was written by and for Christians.) Get over it.
  • To bad they are Christian? What kind of rubbish is that? It just so happens that Anúna don't represent any form of Christianity at all. How sad that there are people out there who are more interested in the labels that people wear rather than what kind of people they are...
  • I love their Gaelic songs, too bad they're christian [3]
  • I love their Gaelic songs, too bad they're christian [2]
  • gorgeous!
  • Очень моя музыка

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