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Amplifier é um trio britânico de prog alternativo formado em 1998 por Sel Balamir (guitarra/vocal), Neil Mahony (baixo) e Matt Brobin (bateria); tendo lançado seu primeiro single em 2003 (The Consultancy).
Além da pegada progressiva a banda explora com maestria o mundo dos riffs que podem ser ouvidos em todos os álbuns, encaixando com harmonia em todos os instrumentos e injetando energia extra no decorrer da música…

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  • Once again popular opinion sucks. Mystoria is excellent. I can't comprehend what listeners expect from Amplifier. Apparently The Octopus sucked until the next album or two. At that schedule, Mystoria will be a classic early 2016.
  • Insider is still their best
  • I've only listened to Residue ("both parts released together" version) and it sounded way better than Mystoria. Will definitely get back to it again soon.
  • I like their new direction, feels fresh.
  • Mosaic is such a tune!
  • Oddly enough, "Magic Carpet" is the only track I've "loved" here on, and the only track I genuinely enjoy out of "Mystoria". Small world, heh? I have yet to listen to Residue (both parts), but your comment has already put me out of the mood to listen to it... I truly hope these guys haven't lost it just yet. "The Octopus" and their debut album are their best albums, as far as I'm concerned. I can't believe I hated "The Octopus" so much for a very long time (even though I bought the special edition of it, which granted my name to appear on "The Octopus 2.0" release). That one sure took ages to finally hit me like it should.
  • VV Yeah, Mystoria was a flop for me too. I enjoyed the first track, "Magic Carpet," but after that, meh. They still haven't been able to top Echo Street or The Octopus for me. ¶ The new EP, Residue Part 2, also sort of a flop. "Jets to Brazil" was interesting, but that's about the extent of praise I have for it. Decent "background rock music," but nothing that made me say "whoa!" like their earlier releases. Felt sort of rushed or boring. The last song even a bit cacophonic.
  • Best band pic vote it up
  • I've finally made up my mind regarding Mystoria: it's their worst album to date. And I thought "Echo Street" was lame... That one actually grows up on you, unlike "Mystoria", which just gets rather dull and repetitive the more you listen to it, as it tries nothing more than to shove uninspired riffs and general noise into your head. That being said, "Mystoria" is a nice rock album by any other band besides Amplifier. Now please bring back the long epic "build-uppers" in the next album. Much obliged.
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