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Em 1990 o guitarrista Esa Holopainen e o baterista Jan Rechberger formaram a banda Amorphis na Finlândia. Para completar a banda foram recrutados o vocalista/guitarrista Tomi Koivusaari e o baixista Olli-Pekka Laine.

Lançaram uma demo em 1991, a que deram o nome de "Disment Of Soul", que lhes valeu um contrato e um Ep no mesmo ano.

Seu próximo lançamento foi o primeiro álbum do Amorphis, chamado de "The Karelian Isthmus" em 1992. No ano seguinte lançam uma segunda… leia mais

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  • Just listened to The Wind. Amorphis, what the fuck? Why do you leave out some of the best songs on the album as rare bonus tracks, and then replace them with much weaker songs that are heavier? Is this the only measure of quality in metal - Heaviness? Does the song quality not matter at all anymore? "Hey guys we just recorded three awesome tracks, the best ones on the album..." - "Do they growl?" - "Umm, little to non.." - "Screw them, put them as b-sides. And now record some death metal."
  • Alone
  • I'm new to Amorphis and I have a question. I found a reference to them on Wikipedia page about kantele where the band is mentioned in connection with the instrument. Are there any Amorphis albums where the instrument can actually be heard (either live or synthetised) or are they simply referencing it in their lyrics?
  • It could have been much worse though. I guess you get a few disappointing albums every now and then when a band is on a constant cycle of an album every other year. Beginning of times and Circle were brilliant records, was always going to be hard to hit a third consecutive one out of the park.
  • To me, personaly, Under The Red Cloud might be the most even musicaly album Amorphis released to date. But there's something else missing. Hard to tell what it is. Or maybe it's just my feeling of betrayal that after the wonderfuly heavy, bleak and autumnal Circle they've gone back to playing Skyforger again. As I said many times before, I love Skyforger and it's my favourite album from Amorphis, but enough is enough. Here they were on the beginning of a fascinating musical journey, and suddenly they took a step back to their comfort zone again.
  • I get people not feeling Red Cloud in certain ways, especially because some of the albums that became before it were strong as a whole. But I personally love Under the Red Cloud. I feel like it does have a unified feel both lyrically and musically. The first half is a disjointed, but everything from Dark Path to Winter's Sleep is just cohesive and beautiful. I think Circle might be the best one in the Joutsen era Amorphis, but Under the Red Cloud is up there for me personally.
  • Well, Circle reminded me of Eclipse, Silent Waters and Skyforger in terms of sound unification - There's a tone and sound to the entire record that sets it apart from the rest, and despite imperfections you just *feel* the album. Under The Red Cloud sounds more like a collection of songs than a coherent record. And as good as those songs are, whenever I think of Eclipse, I feel the mood (A sun-scorched, hot, muggy summer afternoon), I feel the mood for Silent Waters (starlit winter night), I feel Skyforger (warm, sunny summertime day with a soft, pleasant breeze), I feel Circle (windy autumn night). But I just don't feel Under The Red Cloud. Those are just songs. Awesome ones. But only songs. They don't speak as a whole. Not to me at least.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Amorphis
  • I kind of agree with Borreh. Even though the songs of Under the Red Cloud sound good and work great standalone, there is something that lacks in the overall atmosphere. Circle has its problems, but it tells a story that makes me keep revisiting the whole album.
  • The new album is a masterpiece!!!

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