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Amoral é uma banda de death metal de Helsinki, Finlândia. Esses músicos combinam elementos do heavy metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal, e progressive metal. Amoral já lançou 3 albúns e fizeram vários shows em bares, clubes, festivais e outros eventos na Finlândia, Europa, e Japão. No final de novembro de 2008, Amoral apresentou seu novo vocalista, o vencedor do Idols de 2007, Ari Koivunen.

Membros atuais:

Ari Koivunen - vocals Niko Kalliojärvi - vocals and guitar Ben Varon - guitar Juhana Karlsson… leia mais

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  • HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS! I Just Heard the new album! I just know this BAND! What kind of beautiful sound. The heaviest Heavy and Doom with nice clean vocals. I just need onde song to love this band. Since CALLISTO I don't feel in love with a band. This Band is Fabulous.
  • Dear God.... The new album is LEGENDARY.
  • Still no voice break, lmao.
  • Definitely one of the most anticipated albums of this year to me.
  • Waiting the new album and I want to know what can they do with 2 vocalists and 3 guitars.. And personally, I don't give a damn who sings with the band anyway. Good music is good music to me.
  • I can only agree with that. Every one is allowed to like/hate what he wants in music. The thing is that for some, a amazing band starts being a "Piece of shit" after they evolved to another music style. And that's insane. You don't like them anymore ? Fair enough, but that doesn't mean they're not talented at what they're doing now. When I read "They should've disbanded after ..", I just question the open-mindedness of some.
  • It's nothing to do with being closed minded, it's personal taste and preference. I personally don't like their new material because to vocals grind on me.
  • I am always amazed by the mind closure of some metal fans .. Some of you have even less tolerance for some metal sub-genres that people not listening to metal at all .. My point is, sure their latest albums have nothing to do with the previous ones, but it's still pretty good to me, in another way. Actually, I discovered them this year for the opening of [artist]Dark Tranquility[/artist] and I liked it.
  • "they should have disbanded after Reptile. " - pretty spot on. [3] Such a shame, because Reptile is a great album!
  • They used to be melodic tech death, now they're shitty generic power metal. [3] This is the reason why old fans are complaining. This change was too radical.

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