• DJ's and/or artists I've seen live.

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  • Concerts: seen live

    Out 21 2013, 18h47 por Maria_Vchslvvna

    ▪11.06.2005 Moby (MSA Lujniki stadium, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪19.06.2005 The Prodigy (MSA Lujniki stadium, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪22.09.2005 Korn (MSA Lujniki stadium, Moscow/Russia)

    ▪11.02.2006 The Drummers Of Japan: Yamato (Operetta Theatre, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪19.02.2006 Garry Grodberg (Filarmony, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪04.03.2006 Depeche Mode (MSA Lujniki Stadium, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪15.05.2006 Gregorian (Kremlin, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪13.07.2006 Summit G8 Music Festival: Ja Rule, Graig David, Scorpions, Liz McClarnon ( from Atomic Kitten), (...) (Red Square, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪22.07.2006 Red Summer MTC: The Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, t.A.T.u., Dima Bilan (Red Square, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪24.09.2006 The Prodigy (MSA Lujniki Stadium, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪14.10.2006 Линда (CH World, Moscow/Russia)

    ▪20.04.2007 Therapy? (SDK Mai, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪26.04.2007 Fool's Garden (B1 Maximum Club, Moscow/Russia)
    ▪29.05.2007 Ozzy Osbourne (Olimpisky Stadium, Moscow/Russia)
  • Mini-рецензии (vol.1) (Will.i.am, L'one, Aly & Fila)

    Ago 17 2013, 11h52 por Mister_Chick

    Вот решил вести журнальчик и время от времени делать свои мини-рецензии на прослушанные альбомы. Почему мини? Да потому что они будут и вправду очень небольшие на каждый альбом и не претендующие на какую-то художественную ценность. Просто так сказать "пару слов" о впечатлениях на прослушанные альбомы.

    И начинаю с альбомов, про которые уже нельзя сказать, что они свежак, но именно их я прослушал за последнее время.

    will.i.am - #willpower

    Ну этот товарищ меня уже давно разочаровал, но всё-таки альбом решил послушать. И впринципе ожидания он оправдал сполна, в том смысле что я не ожидал от него чего-то сверхъестественного. Теперь о треках.

    То, что более менее можно послушать -
    This Is Love (feat. Eva Simmons), Let's Go (feat. Chris Brown), Geekin', Far Away From Home (feat. Nicole Scherzinger).

    Теперь то что, выделю -
    Smile Mona Lisa - не сказать что очень понравился этот трек... …
  • 17 Armada DJs in DJ Mag Top 100 Armin is 1st again

    Out 21 2012, 12h55 por trancesound

    17 Armada DJs in DJ Mag Top 100 Armin is 1st again

    With incredible pride, we bring you the news that this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 list features no less than 17 Armada DJ’s! Topping the list for the historic fifth year in a row, is Armin van Buuren, who claimed back the number one for the first time in the history of the poll!

    He was voted #1 in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, and after one year of lending the crown to David Guetta, Armin van Buuren got it back in 2012! But there’s many more Armada DJ’s that have made a remarkable rise this year. What about Dash Berlin, who’s still rising and rising, and now claimed number 7 on the DJ Mag Top 100? Markus Schulz was voted ‘America’s Best DJ’ by DJ Times Magazine only a few weeks ago, and now takes in lucky number 13 in the popularity poll of DJ Mag. Egyptian superstars Aly & Fila went up one, grabbing hold of an incredible #19.

    But the biggest stars this year, are the new talents. …
  • Armada’s Amsterdam Dance Event Tunes 2012

    Set 28 2012, 21h05 por trancesound

    Armada’s Amsterdam Dance Event Tunes 2012

    For the 10th year in a row, Armada Music is party of the Amsterdam Dance Event, attracting ten-thousands of clubbers and music addicts from all across the globe. Celebrating the impact of The Netherlands on the global dance scene, this yearly highlight is one of EDM’s biggest happenings. And that’s why we’re celebrating along! For those that can’t be there, want to get in the mood or need a musical souvenir of this magical week, we’ve gather the biggest tunes of this very moment.

    ‘Armada’s ADE Tunes 2012’ brings you the tunes of Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Orjan Nilsen, W&W, Aly & Fila, Emma Hewitt and many more!




  • Armada Music reveals line-up Armada Night @ ADE

    Set 27 2012, 22h08 por trancesound

    Armada Music reveals line-up Armada Night @ ADE

    We’re a few weeks away from what is known as EDM’s hottest event, but the Amsterdam Dance Event already has a worldwide buzz going. On Friday October 19th, Dutch record company Armada Music invites all clubbers to get a taste of the label, with the official Armada Night ADE special taking place at the Passenger Terminal. Hosted by ALDA Events and with some of its biggest names on the line-up, the event is bound to sell out quickly.

    The Amsterdam Dance Event doesn’t only attract thousands of clubbers and music addicts from all across the globe, but also brings together the most prominent names in the industry. DJ’s, label owners and representatives head over to Holland’s capital to do business and see some of the most prominent acts and DJ’s perform.

    An Amsterdam Dance Event household name, Armin van Buuren makes up to his Dutch fans with a steamy hot set at the Passenger Terminal. …
  • Solarstone presents Pure Trance

    Set 16 2012, 13h17 por trancesound

    Solarstone presents Pure Trance

    Since it was conceived in the basement clubs and backstreet studios of Berlin in ’93 and propelled overground in ‘98, trance has twisted, transformed and mutated in a hundred different directions. This year Solarstone – one of its foremost draughtsmen – has initiated a roots return for the genre. A rally against inorganic and trend-driven Trance, his is a rediscovery or what first drew so many to the genre’s flame. For those more interested in what’s good, rather than what’s ‘the latest’, all your wishes are about to come true…

    The reclamation has started! Behold Pure trance!

    Back in May, under the #PureTrance hashtag, Solarstone cast ‘The Spell’. The track was a return to keynote trance production, its rhythmic, fluid arrangement, air-cutting synths and angelic vocals striking an immediate chord. Taken from the tracklist of his allied album ‘Pure’, ‘Fireisland’ and ‘Falcons’ (co-produced alongside fellow Purists Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani
  • Universal Religion Chapter 6 mixed by Armin van Buuren on Armada Music

    Set 1 2012, 18h52 por trancesound

    Universal Religion Chapter 6 mixed by Armin van Buuren on Armada Music

    Catching Ibiza’s magic is a task that only the most experienced musicians can complete. Armin van Buuren is one of them. Through his ‘Universal Religion’ series, he’s captured the summer since 2004, landing a mix compilation that burst with exclusive highlights. In 2012, he lands the 6th Chapter of ‘Universal Religion’, recorded live during the A State of Trance Night at the world-famous Club Privilege.

    2012 has already proven to be a significant year in the career of the Dutchman. The producer/DJ, relentlessly driven by his perfectionism, celebrated the 550th episode and 11th birthday of his A State of Trance radio show, with 6 events in 5 different countries. Each of the events were broadcast live, uniting millions of listeners around the globe, sharing their passion for music. The next, logical step was taking his Ibiza residency to a higher level. Armin van Buuren landed his A State of Trance night at the biggest European club: Privilege. …
  • Various Artists presents 15 Top Trance Hits 2012-08 on Armada Music

    Ago 26 2012, 15h20 por trancesound

    Various Artists presents 15 Top Trance Hits 2012-08 on Armada Music

    A collection of the biggest trance tracks of the season and the past, featuring all essentials in the ’15 Top Trance Hits 2012 series’! Volume 8 of the series brings you the tunes of Armin van Buuren, W&W, Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz, Heatbeat, Aly & Fila and many more!




  • Aly & Fila presents FSOE 250 @ Space, Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

    Ago 19 2012, 14h52 por trancesound

    Aly & Fila presents FSOE 250 @ Space, Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

    Another milestone in the impressive career of Egyptian trance heroes Aly & Fila is approaching. On Monday August 20th, the duo will celebrate the 250th episode of their Future Sound of Egypt radio show! The masterminds behind crowd favourites ‘Coming Home’ and ‘We Control The Sunlight’, present a stunning show in Sharm El Sheik’s Space club, and will bring some FSOE friends!

    Next to the hosts of the night, Aly & Fila themselves, the visitors will also be treated to the beats of Ferry Corsten, W&W, Sean Tyas, Shogun, Bjorn Akesson, [artistBrave and Mohamed Ragab. Last, but definitely not least, singer/songwriter Jwaydan will warm each trance loving soul with a special live show. So if you’re in the area, or you’re looking for a fun trip to Egypt with a great extra, then get your tickets via Space Sharm official website now!


    http://www.trancesound. …