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Allie Moss is a New Jersey singer, vocal coach and guitarist. She released her own EP Passerby in 2009. In 2011, Moss released her debut album "Late Bloomer". She regularly performs as lead guitarist for singer/songwriter and friend Ingrid Michaelson. While not performing on Ingrid's 2010 European tour, Allie returned to the fold during the summer of 2010 for a State-side tour. Allie is probably best known in the UK for her song Corner which has been used for… leia mais

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  • Avatar de AnimalsZombies
    PLL <3
  • Avatar de Rock_n_Robin
    Have heard a handful of songs before, but I'm hearing an album by Allie for the first time tonight on Spotify and loving it. I'm not surprised to learn that, like Bess Rogers, Allie sings and plays guitar for Ingrid Michaelson. Both have very nice songs and sweet voices that would blend well with Ingrid's. Think "Late Bloomer" will soon find its way into my collection, alongside Bess Rogers' "Out Of The Ocean", which I've had for more than a month and played many times. I agree that Allie is too good for so few plays, but many fine singer/songwriters suffer the same fate. It's up to devoted fans to raise the profiles of artists like Allie and Bess, and I could name dozens of others from my playlists. I'm glad to see that some of my good friends have listened to Allie.
  • Avatar de timelezz
    Hello, could you be so kind to upload a different (better) official photo for Allie Moss? This photo is automatically synced with my music database, with her songs, since it is the 'official' photo. I really think Allie Moss deserves a better photo. Thank you!
  • Avatar de MikeAgain
    I like her songs better than Ingy's
  • Avatar de Omertalvendetta
    Just found her. I'm ashamed I hadn't heard of her before. She's amazing!
  • Avatar de miguelesses
    So little plays, IT'S A CRIME, I SAY!! [2]
  • Avatar de PurplePostRock
    So little plays, IT'S A CRIME, I SAY!!
  • Avatar de Levig
    What an amazing singer.
  • Avatar de ericbinek
    Awesome voice.
  • Avatar de antiqwar
    So a BT advert brings me to her music...[5]

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