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Alien Produkt was formed by the end of 1997 when Ricardo 'Alien' met Osvaldo 'S', who shared the same personal and musical interests. From the beginning both of them tried to carry a message through the music for a personal improvement, based on waking up the consciente, always aiming to defend the planet for future generations to have a better place to live. By this time the lyrics refer to mystical and mythological issues and those related to the existence of extraterrestrial life. Social issues were on a second plane. Musically, Alien Produkt is complemented with very powerful rythmic bases, which combine elements from Electro-Industrial and E.B.M. Over them lie the base lines, with a marked protagonism, and some melodic elements and characteristic textures of electronic music (such as secuenced arpeggios and modifcation of sounds through filters sweeping). Vocal interventions are loaded with effects, thus achieving rough and distorted voices. Alien Produkt made their debut on stage in the city of Lima, Peru, on January 23rd 1998, with the featured presentation of Leo 'Isis', who was part of the band until mid 98's. Appearances on stage started to happen with relative frequency, and people began to know them thanks to the support of the radio program called "La Trashnoche", created and featured by the founder of Alien Produkt Ricardo 'Alien' since 1989. The name 'Alien Produkt' came out from an antennas assembly for broadcasting workshop in which Ricardo worked, known as the 'Alien Base'. It was there where the first experiments took place with a sampler and an old vocoder. By the end of '98, Leo 'Isis' separates from the group due to musical dissents. Some time later, Alien Produkt incorporates Pablo 'Dunkel', who provides many new ideas, the use of software and computers in musical compositions. The reason that impeled this new stage on Alien Produkt was the calling to take part of a tribute to the Spanish group called Aviador Dro, thus making a cover of the song "Vivir para morir" (live to die), which didn't take too long to become a hit acclaimed by their fans. The first independent album was called "Tiempo de Renacer" (time to rebirth), and it had a great acceptance in the Argentinian and latin-american underground scene. It's worth mentioning that with the first cre (Ricardo, Osvaldo and Leo) there's been an album called "Tiempo final" (final time). By the end of 2000, the sound of the group is turned to the side of E.B.M., with more accelerated songs and lyrics related exclusively to social issues. On December of that same year, the separation of Osvaldo 'S' from the group occured, leaving the group conformed by Ricardo 'Alien', in charge of the music, programming and lyrics; and Pablo 'Dunkel' in charge of post-production and mixing. Osvaldo would later create the band called Punto Omega together with 'Neo', with whom he'd harvest important achievements. By the middle of 2001, another important change occurs in the crew of Alien Produkt, with the incorporation of a new vocalist: Miguel Angel 'U-TB'. Besides his powerful voice, U-TB provides lyrics in english. In this new period, the group gives up mystical issues and those related to extraterrestrial matters that had been charasteristic at the beginning. The new lyrics refer to social issues and troubles, which in reporting attitude, reflect a critical interpreation of reality around us. These changes are accompanied by changes in the image of the group, which introduces its symbols and typographies in cold gray and light blue, in replacement of the gold and silver colours of past times. Year 2003 finds Alien Produkt a little less active in its musical production, but parties organized together with the people of Elektraum all along 2002 produce a push up and enthusiasm on the followers of Electro in Buenos Aires, and some other parties and projects appear, which nurture the scene step by step. Even two important projects with international projection emerge: Lamia and Punto Omega, which get to sign contracts with important European labels. In this way a growing of the electro production is produced in Buenos Aires. And so we come to the present time, in which Alien Produkt keeps on contributing to make up an authentic electro scene in Argentina, while it prepares the next productions and representations. Alien Produkt signed to BLC label in 2005 and record 2 albums "REVENGE" and "IGNORANCE"


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