• These TRULY deserved the Academy Award (1990-1981)

    Jun 15 2008, 15h22 por Epitymbidia

    This is part 3/8 of my journal series about filmmusic composers and their works that won the Academy Award of Merit for Scoring, Original Score, Scoring of a Musical Picture, Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture, Music Score - substantially original and whatever the names have been throughout the years. But of course it's mostly about the works which I think actually should have won the award...
    In this entry I will deal with the years between 1981 and 1990, in a reverse chronological order as in the first entries of course. Although we would have a peculiarity here, because in '82 and the following year not only an Original Score was awarded but also an Original Song Score and its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score, I will ignore that fact and concentrate on the Original Score.

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