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  • Lazare on his fb profile: "To everyone who's asked me about AOS - we're still alive, and there will be a new album."
  • nice....winds+solefald with different name.......
  • best work office metal
  • -the flow at- DUDE! (๑・ω・)
  • Andy Winter has a new solo album out called Incomprehensible. Just got my copy in the mail today via The End Records, and I can't wait to listen to it. Some amazing guest artists on there including the Age of Silence singer and the singer from Winds, and more.
  • " Life itself a mechanical movement from A to B C is always a thought but never an option "
  • i almost forgot how brilliant this band is! ♥ must listen more
  • Official announcements for the upcoming "Kailash"(avant-garde metal) release tomorrow!
  • Another norwegian awesome band!
  • Great band.
  • Nice. Sounds like Solefald.
  • Some of my favorite progressive / avant garde
  • Very enjoyable album!
  • Only 1 Studio album ?? They are one of the best collaborations that ever happened !! It 's the same sad case with the unique 1 album of Head Control System.
  • AoS is my favourite MNC.
  • Second Arcturus
  • I thought this band sounded terrible the first time I listened to them. Now I can't stop listening to Acceleration!
  • Awesome!
  • age of silence is quite an underrated band ! I'm wondering if there will be a new album soon?
  • Auditorium of Modern Movements best song !
  • beautiful very beautiful
  • Acceleration has definitely grown on me..
  • new album of Morgue Son ... little bit melancholic psychedelic metal with strong stories, avantgardly black ... check the new song out ....:
  • fucking Awesome! \m/
  • This band is pretty bland. [2] Though, that seems to be the point. The theme of their music is corporate bureaucracies, which is pretty bland, and their music fits that style really well. But for some reason, even though the music sounds like it is supposed to be bland, it isn't after a few listens. It takes a while to totally get the music, and understand that the "blandness" of the music is just a disguise, and there is real interesting stuff happening in the music once you dig deeper.
  • A little later than promised, but they updated their website recently with an announcement. The new album is coming, but with a different guitar player. That's all the annoucement said. Still can't wait, no matter how long it takes!!!!!
  • Some news?
  • Age of Silence will say something today. Let's hope for something as awesome as Acceleration.
  • Theres a new album on the way?
  • 4 more days hopefully!
  • Lazare is god on earth
  • damn can't wait for new record - LP and EP are amazing, but how many years I can listen to 2 cd's again and again? ;)
  • 2/15/10 ...
  • Me likesss!!
  • the vocals sound awkward but I guess that's the entire point. I love it.
  • Can't wait for more Age of Silence material
  • For some crazy instrumental stuff that is kinda like these guys, please check out [album artist=Red Ankh]INED-TIF (In NonExistent Death There Is Flight)[/album].
  • Any Winter just said something about a new AoS album on the Borknagar forum: "Hi - yes! Age of Silence finally making a comeback soon... I just have to finish my own project first and Laz has to finish his current Borknagar and Solefald stuff. But it's definitely in the works and planned for next year. And might I add... Laz's new concept is my favorite one yet for AOS!" Link to source:
  • they are gearing up for a new recording in 2010 according to latest updates
  • whatever happened to them?
  • You're just a silly goose. Anything with the vocals of Lazare is instantly more interesting than a large majority of metal.
  • This band is pretty bland. Cannot quite see why so many people adore this band. But then again that is my life story lol.
  • I borrowed the LP from a friend, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it...even from the first listen. It does sound like Winds, but also different. I particularly like '90 Degree Angles'.
  • the EP is quite good, the LP not.
  • Practically 'Winds' with a more interesting vocalist, which is no bad thing - both excellent bands that take a few listenes to get into...Winds do have more kick-ass solo's though >_>
  • vulture industries? great suggestion, thanx mate!
  • The End Records is having a HUGE sale on both AOS releases. $5 for the full length and $4 for the EP: The Andy Winter piano EP is also on sale for $3.75
  • For fans of AGE OF SILENCE, and similar bands, if you want to help and support them, come and join The End Records' street team "Team Omega" - - get free stuff too.
  • If I only listened to the album once I would have written the same thing as you, but if you really try a listen to Acceleration (album) you get the charm of it, it's really worth it, AOS are one of the best discoveries I had for a long time. BTW - LYRICS AND MUSIC FOR THE NEW ALBUM ARE HERE, JUST NEED TO RECORD THEM -


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