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Agalloch é uma banda norte-americana de Doom metal com influências de folk e black metal. Formada em 1996 em Portland, Oregon. O nome Agalloch é uma madeira com fortes características aromáticas.

A banda foi formada por John Haughm e Shane Breyer em Portland, Oregon, EUA, em 1996, após a frustação de seus projetos musicais anteriores, tendo lançado seu primeiro full-length em 1999, chamado Pale Folklore. Diferente das demos e trabalhos promocionais anteriores, que emanavam uma influência de Black Metal predominante… leia mais

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  • epic band
  • TheWrathofThor: The band is well known yes, but I do not think the word "overated" fits in them. It's a good band, and deserve the attention they have.
  • For me Agalloch is perfection, with emotional, beautiful and shivers inducing songs... I know them for so long and I still discover new, amazing things in their music.
  • it would be sick if they did a live video album in the vein of pink floyd's live at pompeii, with no audience and filmed out at some ancient site, preferably one that holds significance to members of the band. plus they like traveling anyway
  • :)
  • @CommandoBurzum aaaa sorry my lord, for listen to COB and for my innocent age.... by the way, i will not discuss about music taste, world is free, and you are free to come here and do it, i don't judge anybody
  • bonjovyborges@ I think you don't understand what we were really discussing,is not about musical tastes only,was about policy,economic,philosophy and the direction the world is taking, I think if you do not understood it,maybe you have 5 years old.....and more,you hear Children of Bodom your opinion is invalid and your access denied...
  • metaloly999: Just go by most popular in Top Albums list, so give Ashes Against the Grain a spin next
  • I'm totally enjoyed "The Mantle" a lot, which other album is better to follow up ?

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