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  • Flash To Bang Time... holy fuck!
  • Hoffmann=Accept
  • How about Accept's new album "Under The 23rd"?
  • The best band I've discovered in 2015
  • Old Accept is: Balls to The Wall - Metal Heart - Breaker. The New Accept is: Blood of the Nations - Stalingrad: Brothers in Death - Blind Rage. = ACCEPT RULES FOREVERMORE.
  • New accept > Old accept
  • Не думаю, что эта группа была бы настолько крутой, без гитариста - Вольфа Хоффманна
  • Blood of the Nations the best album in 30 years of Metal.
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • "Restless And Wild" The best of ACCEPT !!
  • No love for Blind Rage? Its just a masterpiece.
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • Metal Heart! [2]
  • Balls To The Wall !
  • Great news about Grandmaster Uwe joining Accept! Here's a little tribute group for him, by the way, if anyone wishes to join :P
  • :)
  • cezary68 z Pszczyny nie ma daleko
  • Metal Heart!
  • You gotta accept that Accept rocks!
  • Accept with Udo is incredible. The only 2010's Accept record I have is Blood of the Nations. I wanna check out the other 2010's Accept records.
  • H
  • @metal-thrashing: 6:15 is the right time of the studio version. And the end of Princess Of The Dawn is deliberate. The band didn't know how to end the song, so they dediced that it had to stop suddenly. Here is a quite an interesting interview and history of early days of Accept:
  • Does anyone know the real length of the song Princess of the dawn? Here's called 7:47, but everywhere i tried to find it was only 6:15, and it's seemed to be cut off in the middle of the final chorus. Hasn't anyone noticed that Princess ends in the unexpectedly wrong time?
  • Kraków Fabryka rewelacja!!! byłem widziałem bawiłem się , chcę jeszcze
  • Que show sensacional no Monsters of Rock!!
  • Wonderful concert in Monsters of Rock, BRAZIL!
  • Blind Rage is EPIC [ 2 ]
  • New lineup:
  • Blind Rage is a great album, probably even better than BOTN and Stalingrad in my opinion. It's fun that Accept still put out great albums and live shows. They're one of few bands that still make quality music these days, at least such high quality albums!
  • Balls to the Wall!
  • Blind Rage is EPIC [ 1 ]
  • German metal for life
  • Blind Rage tá muito bom fazia tempo que não ouvia a banda os caras ão perdem a essência !
  • [track artist=Accept]Midnight Mover[/track] rox, yo!
  • Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann have left Accept.
  • Yess. Con este vocal tiene mas cosistencia el grupo. YeSS
  • [track artist=Accept]Street Fighter[/track] is one of their best songs. [track artist=Accept]Flash Rocking Man[/track] is another one of their best songs. Oh yes and [track artist=Accept]I'm a Rebel[/track] is too. [track artist=Accept]Balls to the Wall[/track] is a classic heavy metal song. :)
  • Son Of A Bitch ♥ [2]
  • Son Of A Bitch ♥
  • the new LP is absurd! awesome, they did it again! holy shit.
  • Great Music, but vocals Udo everything spoils
  • Amazing show in Sydney!!
  • Here pics and impressions of the Berlin concert:
  • German review for the new album online at "Blind Rage" gets 7,5 out of 10!


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