• Is Breakcore political?

    Dez 26 2006, 18h30 por crckbtch

    I'm mostly into Punk, Crust, Grindcore and Blackmetal. Mostly. I've been listeing to electro beats for 3 years now. Lately I seem to have found my favorite electro genre: Breakcore.
    I was on a Breakcore gig (Society Suckers, awesome!) some months ago where I saw a guy with a Dimmu Borgir (=Black Metal) shirt and another dude with a Relapse-Records shirt dancing around. (Relapse-Records is a quite well-known label for grind & death metal.)

    So I wondered: What does the average Breakcore fan look like? Is he political as punk/grind/crust is? I assume that the electro scene is as apolitical as can be. But could it be that there's a connection between the extreme scenes of electro an punk, i.e. Breakcore and Grind.

    Can someone give me a short scene report? A link would be great too.

    Since I got this punk background, I'd like to pogo when I go to Breakcore gigs. Are there sometimes pogos on such concerts?

    Favorite Breakcore:
    Jason Forrest
    Drop the Lime
    Orange Dust (drill'n'bass)
  • We're #2, Thanks to you! (Best of Orlando Results)

    Jul 21 2006, 7h18 por polyvibe

    The results are in, and because of all of your help and support, 3 of Polyvibe's Artists (and one that was going to be on our label, but sadly dropped off the label at the last minute) won second place in the Best of Orlando Weekly awards. This includes A_Scissors (2nd Place, Electronic) and the Future Funk Collective (2nd Place, Hip Hop) who are both available on Last.FM. The Rules (2nd Place, Best Rock/Pop) and Rising Lion (2nd Place, Best Reggae) were the other two artists we asked people to vote for.

    The energy here at Polyvibe HQ has been elevated as we ecstatically scrambled to inform all of our artists, and post the good news on our website.

    I want to personally thank all of you for voting for us and our artists. It's never felt so good to be #2. We didn't win the Best "Whatever" Category for the label itself, but that was never the real goal. It was and always will be about the talented musicians that we are fortunate enough to work with.

  • Amon Tobin - Angel of Theft

    Mai 19 2006, 4h41 por polyvibe

    A thread on the Underground Hip Hop group sparked a discussion of this track. It's a slayer remix that Amon Tobin did of Slayer's Reigning Blood. You'll be hard pressed to find it anywhere, since it's a super rare 12" white-label, that doesn't even credit Amon Tobin on it, but if you can find it, and you're into Slayer or Amon Tobin (perferrably both), it's a real treat. Try to catch him play live, and usually it will come up in his set.

    Damn, maybe I should encourage A_Scissors to do a slayer remix... he's got a shirt that says "Listen To Slayer" that I laughed my ass off the first time I saw him where it to a gig.

    good times,