• Coincidences?

    Mar 2 2006, 22h08 por JellyKitten26

    3 music related things happened today...

    1) During lunch at my crappy college, I had Many Happy Returns in my head. Just randomly popping into my head every few minutes... I had a free period next, so I put my mp3 player on. The first tracks that appeared?

    Many Happy Returns.
    (After the last one had finished, I switched it off halfway previously.)

    2) The last song played on the local radio station in my Art class last lesson was Sit Down. I came home to find my copy of Q had arrived (yes, I read Q, no complaints please). The band which featured in the Where Are They Now article?

    James. (And let's face it, they don't get much of a mention nowadays. Or do they??)

    3) I had my neighbour radio on a while ago, and I heard Babylon.

    The programme that was on TV was... Hotel Babylon

    So... coincidence?

    Eh, probably not. Apart from the first one.
    Either way, they're all good songs! :)