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  • Still one of my faves from the new school
  • [url removed] [2]
  • With how much music came out last year, I forgot how good ALLA was.
  • [url removed]
  • WAIT FOR MY FREESTYLE MIXTAPE! (Drake,Travis scott,Justin Bieber,Wiz Khalifa,Big Sean,Tory Lanez,Bones, Kanye West,,A$AP Rocky,Lil Wayne,Young Thug)
  • And I'll be fine just drinkin' my wine biiiiitch
  • Yamborghini High
  • очень модно...настолько, что после прослушки альбома обнаружил себя в колготках, накручиваю бланты, например.
  • Кал для питухов, как и вся трепчина
  • TRUMP / PALIN 2016
  • When I first heard ALLA I didn't like it at all, but now it has grown on me so fucking much, loving it.
  • v dafuq
  • At Long Last is SO GOOD
  • «Yamborghini High»
  • morzão dscp mas eu tenho um tesão enorme por você
  • L$D <3
  • i just call it hip hop/cloud rap
  • >underground hip hop lmao
  • come to Brazil
  • cutest in the game tbh
  • норм
  • Dom.
  • rei <3
  • ALLA is one of my favorite projects this year loving it more with every listen
  • His new album is one of the best of the year so far :D!
  • ALLA grows on me with every listen. Great album.
  • faz feat comigo também pffff
  • It's okay.
  • Different.
  • I visit Nice like it's my sister's daughter. lol
  • Not really a huge fan of ALLA. It has some cool stuff happening at times but tends to fall short.
  • his latest albvm, ALLA, is just awesome to listen whilst being wasted, or under the influence of some drug;- it's a major difference than from when you're sober ;DDDD. Rocky really shined in almost all of his songs on the album, with the same trippy atmosphere and sound. Cool album, it got better and better with each replay. 4/5L0i2DPretyFlackoJodye
  • L$D é do caralho
  • my man s2
  • vai devagar
  • Rei
  • Who's the jiggy nigga with the gold links?
  • вот этот ниггер вообще охуенен. "Лонг. Лайв. Эйсап" бомбезный альбом, по сей день на репите.
  • Meu tesudo
  • Talkin' about M'$ !


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