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  • Avatar de bingbongbilly
    Could listen to 9 Lazy 9 all day long. Excellent! [3]
  • Avatar de niqart
    Could listen to 9 Lazy 9 all day long. Excellent! [2]
  • Avatar de wigganigga
  • Avatar de chantywrastler
    Could listen to 9 Lazy 9 all day long. Excellent!
  • Avatar de Hann_with_Gun
    Listen Ninja Tune from the Black Sea
  • Avatar de J-nu
    downtempo pleasure
  • Avatar de huiva
    please listen
  • Avatar de Maziar1
    excellent band with a lot of uniqueness
  • Avatar de burgercock
    electric lazyland is super
  • Avatar de chikamen
    cool duo
  • Avatar de podgethebastard
  • Avatar de Delur
    Sweet Jones is one of the most psychodelic and one of my favourite albums ever!
  • Avatar de funkyart
    this is pure downtempo. and this is my blog
  • Avatar de sfenvegner
  • Avatar de thegame0940
    Awesome awesome group.
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    So much jazz. I love it.
  • Avatar de boxofsnakes
  • Avatar de pesik
    probably one of the greatest acid jazz projects ever. bravo !
  • Avatar de Twili9ht
    Just discovered them today, awesome tunes
  • Avatar de waxear
    Bedsofaland is a self-release available from the website and it's definitely worth getting at its price. The best thing about these self-releases is that all the money goes to the artist and the record does not go through any record label's own mastering process which usually turns the audio quality of the CD to crap! The sound quality of Bedsofaland is therefore brilliant =)
  • Avatar de NinjaTune000
    New Ninja Tune Podcast is up with special guest Funki Porcini
  • Avatar de Oz_Alchemist
    NEW FREE & DOWNLOADABLE Oz Alchemist's EP "AZIF" (Abstract Hip-Hop). Check it NOW at :
  • Avatar de Satori-Koan
    check out:
  • Avatar de earlwiggs
    5 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar de _Ba5e_
    Listen or download new album and post a comment please;)
  • Avatar de accesspanel
    Hi everyone, my album is free to download and free to listen to. I'm not selling anything, I'm not trying to buy anything from you except a few minutes for you to listen to my album.
  • Avatar de Scoba_Gopkins
    What is that Bedsofaland record? I found null either here or in wiki... Seems authentic 9 though.
  • Avatar de ionkrutoi
  • Avatar de narcoTOURIST
    New Album - Bedsofaland -
  • Avatar de AScoopOfSoup
    Agreed on the comments regarding Sweet Jones. What a great find. Anyone know the importance of the "9s" Perhaps: Cloud 9 is a place of complete laziness.
  • Avatar de jefster
    sweet jones is in my top ten albums of the decade
  • Avatar de clark_
    Sweet Jones is such an underrated CD! It might be their best.
  • Avatar de haunted_diamond
    perfect for relax
  • Avatar de iwr
    idealnie leniwe
  • Avatar de NinjaTune000
    New Ninja Tune Podcast - The 1st Guest is Mr Scruff talking about the 10 yr reissue of Keep It Unreal, his best Ninja tracks + a look at upcoming Ninja Tunes... iTunes: MP3 download: feed://
  • Avatar de Oz_Alchemist
    Trip-Hop Artist to CHECK OUT :
  • Avatar de FedikSergey
    "The Herb" i like!!! :))
  • Avatar de oorwullie7
    Aw Aye.....BRAW!!!!:D
  • Avatar de thecp
    if you have time check
  • Avatar de kiwae
  • Avatar de Echo-Zol
    Fantastic sound!
  • Avatar de butteredcat
    yeah )
  • Avatar de st_oliver
    pretty love them!!!
  • Avatar de kosmoon
    whoooo brilliant
  • Avatar de mieldefuego
    love you totalmente
  • Avatar de DesertRaven
  • Avatar de WomanOrTiger
  • Avatar de chelslovesu
    great sound!
  • Avatar de 7thTheory
    anyone got Paradise Blown album?! i reallllly want it
  • Avatar de kellanos
    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you


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