• toe.

    Dez 2 2006, 13h12 por candoh

    they have restored my love for post-rock. well they would have if it had ever died. they remind me a bit of Tortiose which is funny because there is a Tortiose side project under the name TOE as well.

    i can't put my finger on a specific reason why i am really like them, and why this like is surpassing other post-rock that i have been listening to recently. I think it could have to do with the jazziness of it.

    anyway because i have always wanted to do this favorite bands/abc bullshit... i'll tack it on here. i am going with current favorite not all time favorite (and the difference between the two will, obviously, only be known to me).

    # - 8mm Sky
    A - Asobi Seksu
    B - Blonde Redhead
    C - 曹芳
    D - Deerhoof
    E - Elf Fatima
    F - Future Sound Of London
    G - Gillian Welch
    H - Hoahio
    I - Ikue Mori
    J - Jill Scott
    K - Kiiiiiii
    L - Limited Express (has gone?)
    M - 范曉萱
    N - Ni Hao!
    O - Out Hud
    P - Paris Match
    Q - The Quails
    R - Red Bacteria Vacuum
    S - Sawako
  • i think YA-KYIM could kick Destiny's Child's ass

    Nov 19 2006, 8h06 por candoh

    been listening to a lot of YA-KYIM lately (and a bit of karaoke at the gym). so now i have the urge to start listening to other groups like SOULHEAD, 安室奈美恵, AI... i am not here to recommend them or anything unless you have a crush on hip-pop like i do.

    anyway there will NEVER be any Heartsdale on my charts. i don't think i have ever taken the opportunity to voice my utter disgust with their music. not that anyone cares, but sometimes it is good to have things "on record".

    so yeah the YA-KYIM single beauty × beauty is eating my soul. i really like the other song too "I'm proud i'm me" - very nice beat has a very mild happy hardcore 'riff' in it that makes me want to listen to the instrumental version. i really like the beauty × beauty PV as well.

    SOULHEAD's "To Da Fake MC's" always makes me smile. I kinda like it when my hip-pop artists think they are all hardcore and shit. like YA-KYIM claiming they are the queen of the underground, or more specifically the ANDA-GURAUNDO KUWI-N. …