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  • Besaid >
  • I love his soundtracks, both original versions and the piano collections. Piano version of "Guadosalam" is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever in my humble opinion.
  • I played Final Fantasy IX for the first time this summer - wonderful game and an incredible soundtrack I haven't been able to stop listening to since. It's a little facetious to say "one of his best" about an Uematsu work but... it's one of his best!
  • Sign to bring back old
  • <3
  • FFVII is finally getting a remake, would love to have [track artist=Whispered]Let The Battles Begin! (FFVII Cover)[/track] on the new game, i think that cover was a premonition.. was only released about a year ago and now a FFVII remake is on the horizon! Can't wait for this!! :)
  • He's a God [7]
  • FF7 REMAKE ON THE HORIZON! lets hope many of the old classics are present, in updated form
  • Thank you for providing love to my ears and my mind throughout all these long years Uematsu-san!
  • He's a God [6]
  • Grandmaster Mister Uematsu
  • the new Mozart
  • Nearing 30 years of sweet, beautiful music. Here's to 30+ more!
  • Happy Birthday to the king of video game music!!
  • Happy birthday, Uematsu-san!
  • Legendary!
  • Why is his name written in kanji here? I know that's his name but most people, including myself, have no clue about kanjis. Why not put him under "Nobuo Uematsu"?
  • That's a totally fair reason. That being said, you should play V and VI immediately! I'd start with VI, but it's my favorite, so I am biased.
  • <ok>
  • @hotdog963al: Well I've never played V and VI
  • Why leave out V and VI? ;) <--- Tbh VI is the *only* OST I'd call flawless.
  • FFV ost <3
  • I want a game that features both Uematsu and Mitsuda scores again. Is this aking too much?
  • The Piano Collections series is just lovely.
  • Lost Odyssey soundtrack is amazing.
  • He's a God [5]
  • He's a God [4]
  • Tag him properly: Instrumental. Not wrong tags such as "video game music soundtrack final fantasy japanese game music" these tags are plain wrong, they're not musical genres but categories.
  • Why leave out V and VI? ;)
  • The soundtracks to IV, VII, VIII, IX and X are flawless. I hope they bring him back for XV.
  • This man...
  • While it's not my favorite opus, I really like X's soundtrack... Calm Before the Storm, Hum of the Fayth...
  • Saw him live in France, so happy.
  • IX > other FF OSTs
  • VIII > other FF OSTs.
  • He's a God [3]
  • VII is my favorite soundtrack and final fantasy.
  • "Look at me, I can disprove your opinion from an objective point-of-view." Whatta dickcheese.
  • One of the best composers ever. So under rated.
  • Frontier Village Dali <3
  • Dali >>
  • Besaid Island >>
  • it's amazing as a pioneer and it's of my opinion that the DS remake really turns IV's flaws into strengths (not at all how III's translation to 3D functions), but there's nothing particularly standout about IV unless you really like the characters for an inexplicable reason (which is probably still aforementioned association).
  • that's because ffIV didn't do anything except modernize (re: story focused, linear). game's scenario and dungeon design is of a paler sort. picking ffIV as your favorite can only be because of association, because its technical merits are lesser than the titles surrounding it.
  • He's-a good.
  • FF IV is pretty popular for fans over 30 i think
  • Am I the only person who picks Final Fantasy IV as their favorite?
  • He's a God [2]
  • 8,673 scrobbles, not bad. :)
  • 1.- The Extreme 2.- One-Winged Angel 3.- Dancing Mad


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