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  • While I dont have much of time to listen to music these days (because I do music), I still keep coming back to this band.
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [10] Tonight is great
  • Tatsurou's vocals in Libra are somewhat mesmerizing. His voice is never "ordinary sounding". Great song!
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [9] I love it!
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [8]
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [7]
  • T.R.E.N.D.Y. is amazing ! finally get the Mucc feeling back missing in the last albums. well done !
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [6]
  • Damn, I'm loving T.R.E.N.D.Y.!
  • ¿Que pasó Mucc?, antes eras chevere...
  • The new mini album is pretty good! I didn't care much for the past few albums, so it's real nice to listen to some new MUCC tunes that I like again.
  • I'm not even sure why I like Rendez-Vous so much, but man, I like it SO much
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [4] Except Rendez-Vous^^
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [4]
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [3]
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing. [2] i have no words
  • Holy shit, TRENDY is amazing.
  • TRENDY = <3
  • damn, TRENDY is a WINNER
  • I like the sound of tonight. miya's speech in the middle too. the song reminds me of their older happy punk songs
  • I really agree that last album was a bit weak, but it had its moments. I miss Gokusai, Kuchiki no To and hoyoku times..
  • I wish they would make Antique again [2] The last album is... i dont now what to say.. :( Where is the old MUCC?
  • пидрилки
  • After all these years, waga, arubeki basho still gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.
  • new pic, please vote up!!
  • arusee arusee r go brieeee!!!!
  • their cover "blind" by korn lol
  • 300 years later I noticed the solo on Nagoriyuki is from caligari's fuyu no hi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • Ender Ender <3 it's simple but somehow amazing! <3 by the way, The End of The World sounds really nice. I'm surprised.
  • Wish they could come to Norway
  • holy shit Conquest 10/10 [2]
  • holy shit Conquest 10/10
  • "Conquest" is quite nice to listen to. :)
  • I love "Kyuutai". <3
  • "the end" show was amazing!
  • New single was one of the better things MUCC has done recently. Even that anime opening song sounded quite nice. And conquest... well, might as well be my new favorite for a while. Nice lyrics too.
  • Holy shit... I wasn't expecting a song like Conquest in this single. Amazing!
  • Guitar in "Conquest" sounds nice.. But i think MUCC doesn't sound unique anymore...
  • Conquest rules
  • I wish they would make Antique again
  • not strong but decent album after a few listens. I wish they would make something like Zekku or Gokusai again.
  • I think the most notable time they used english was Risky Drive
  • anyone have any info on the rehearsal of their 9/23 show? I have the ticket for the show...have the "pass" of their CD, but dont have any other info...
  • Listen to Sakurai Atsushi's version of [track artist=Gazebo]I Like Chopin[/track] by [artist]Gazebo[/artist] called [track artist=櫻井敦司]雨音はショパンの調べ -I LIKE CHOPIN-[/track]. Also try Kobayashi Asami's version of I Like Chopin [track artist=小林麻美]雨音はショパンの調べ[/track].
  • It think it feels forced because they use English phrases allot more than they used to... Don't think they used any English until they released ファズ(志音) I loved the fact that ムック used focus on poetics in there songs rather than being catchy and using English because it's the cool thing to do. Don't like the new album or Karma :(
  • I am selling Worst of Mucc and Karma + many other Visual kei & JROCK CDs/DVDs/cheki here!
  • new album is fairly good despite few negative reviews I've read! I'd say both there is no stinkers and there is not quite as much of a stand out as last few albums. Perhaps not mindblowing or innovative it's an enjoyable listen. Solid 7.5. Particularly like the end of the world, japanese, 死んでほしい人. Weakest perhaps I find ender ender, ms fear, tell me
  • anjelier69: bands at such big labels (probably also smaller laberls) are "forced" by contract to release x albums in a certain period, so it's not really "their" choice anymore... except they can decide if they want that contract or not... but for mucc it's still not "too frequent" i guess. almost 2 years between two albums is quite ok compared to other bands... (the new single announcement was quite fast tho, but other than that i don't hear any [bad] influence either)


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