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  • new album "hikari" out July 1st ^_______________________________^ cannot wait<333
  • Uso is really nice <3
  • I love Uso !!!!!!!
  • 紫陽花♥
  • Uso ❤❤❤ <333
  • Weee~~~ I love the new single ♥
  • 日傘 is so beautiful!
  • 嘘 is refreshing~
  • Go on SID !!!!!
  • 嘘 ♥
  • Uso is love <3
  • [url=]The Japanese Rock Artists League needs 22 new artist for Season 2, come and vote here and be part of the second season!![/url]
  • they are so relaxing :)
  • ♥ after four years of being a fan they just continue to impress me ♥
  • hm...they're very favorites are Alibi, Aikagi unppluged, chapter 1, Milk, smile and Namida no ondo ^^...the new singles are also good =)
  • X/LUNA SEA/MUCC inspired rock-band SAI, from Sweden, check it out!
  • aki pane-e
  • Budokan! I was there! \(^_^)/ <3
  • someone have Monokuro no Kiss DVD type A & B? I've been looking for, but I can't find it ;______;
  • Vote --->
  • they performed at budokan? wow cool.
  • 2℃目の彼女♥♥♥
  • "season," the song of track No. 2 of the new single, has made me love them more and listened to it again and again. i love Mao's lyrics and the sounds Aki makes.
  • Love the new single.
  • Brilliant LIve DVD !!
  • vote --->
  • New single "モノクロのキス" on 29th Oct! ^^ and please vote for a new pic.
  • loved the old times.<3 now is pretty good as well.
  • I love シド now, but before they was so good too, but i prefer them now *-*
  • well at least it's gaaayyy awesome! :--(
  • mah, old SID was pretty fierce. but...and i hate to say this, the new stuff is gaaayyy.
  • so they're finally going major? *>* gongrats!
  • マオ <3
  • hehe... I love their new album^^
  • I love 証言 so much ... Y___Y It's just ... major.
  • I like 誘感コレクション a lot. And 右手のスプーンと初恋とナイフ sounds like an old indies song.
  • The bio is Very confusing...
  • YESH! I'm toplistener *_____* Goal achieved LOL! *is happy* ... *starry eyes* xD
  • New album is called 『センチメンタルマキアート』, and will be out on 2008.02.20.
  • I agree with you ^^ It's really cool
  • their luna sea cover is rather nice
  • Their Luna Sea cover is somehow... impressing o_O
  • 涙の温度<3 *__*
  • 御手紙 is gorgeous *-*
  • Someone else or just me think that Mao must be somehow twin brother with Kaito from [artist]Shulla[/artist]? It's veery bizarre.. and he even had a band called [artist]SHULA[/artist] too! (by the way, I really recomend SHULA! ^^)
  • But their label says it's シド, so this discussion is pointless xD
  • Don't whine to us if you don't want to tag your artists correctly.
  • sounds logical <_< but I don't want to have them 2 times in my charts ._. and I'm not willing to retag everything just because of (cause just one of my players supports kanji and I use 3). hopefully they'll make an option to rename artists in your charts or sth like that :/ ans sry for offtopic. シド is great, blah x|
  • how comes that once tagged SID automatically as シド and now not anymore? I hope they will put them together, cause I don't want to have the same artist in my charts 2 times x_x
  • Not power rangers, but Mitsuyubis haha I thought the old picture was a little... grey? So I upped it. XD


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