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Ikimono Gakari é um trio composto por Yoshioka Kiyoe, nascida em 29/02/1984 em Atsugi (cidade de Kanagawa), responsável pelos vocais e a letra; Yamashita Hotaka (apelidado de Hocchi), nascido em 27/08/1982 em Ebina (cidade de Kanagawa), responsável pela guitarra, gaita, letra e composição; Mizuno Yoshiki (apelidado de Yocchin), nascido em 17/12/1982 em Ebina e líder do grupo, sendo responsável pela guitarra, vocais, letras e composição.

A história de Ikimono Gakari começou com o encontro… leia mais

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  • Sakura is probably the most amazing song of the world
  • we can all agree that their recent song "LIFE" is one of their best, right? please guys, take a chance, it's a masterpiece
  • Try J-Pop/J-Rock artist [artist]西野名菜[/artist](Nishino Nana).
  • god, I forgot how much I fucking love ikimono-gakari.
  • This new album is among their worst for me. It's not horrible, but I find myself skipping many of the album tracks because they already have songs like that in their discography, but ones I like more. I do like Snow Again a lot, though!
  • Please, let's try to change the main photo. Love this picture
  • meh, I'm silly, I'm super enjoying this new album. It's lovely and has some great songs besides the singles. Among the new tracks, I would highlight "Kirari", "LIFE", "Kagerou" and "SNOW AGAIN".
  • I thought "I" was an amazing album, as was "NEWTRAL" and those that came before it. I'm almost through listening to their new one and so far I think it is a boring album compared to their other albums. I'll have to listen to it a few more times
  • About "emotional appeal"... that's what's lacking in the band for me. Even thouse songs I liked in Hajimari no Uta is lacking this (except for singles and some little others song). In NEWTRAL I loved Warattetainda because is a strong song, like Life Album, but not the same song, but the same emotion. Aruite Ikou is a single in NEWTRAL that I liked, but is not strong enough to me, is a little empty.

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