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Nov 27 2008, 21h10

// Nachtzug - Do!

the debut single of the berlin electronics duo Nachtzug that came to life out of a jam based colaboration between welovetoemerge artists Stephan Glowatzky and Norman Hecht.
they both are sharing their love for vintage devices. so this is all about analogue synths and drum machines ready to electro whip your laziness!

to giv'em a happy welcome the single is also supported by four remixes of Leo.Root, numa3, Telebot and Joltask.

// Redcone - Redbook

and yet another debut. and again this is an artist we met in berlin telling us that he wanted to release his diary..

but don't be afraid. you don't need to read this diary. it's a nine step memory of danceable beat straps with sounding names like.. Bumsfallera..

// i hustle with my live sets

for some weeks now we have a tiny furry pet. he constantly insists on being the champ, what's kind of funny. so we gave him a special place to prove himself.

you can find him by visiting our startscreen (you need to have popups enabled). and if your tough and brave enough you will find some unreleased goodies on his well shaven chest.

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