Experimedia on Andrew Duke's In The Mix Again


Dez 8 2008, 19h01

Two tracks this time...one from Asymmetrical Head (Qorser Mix) and Bleupulp again.
Thanks for the support Andrew!!

Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix 08Dec08 show:
01. Variant--As Time Stood Still (from The Setting Sun) (Echospace [Detroit])
02. Model 500--Starlight (Mike Huckaby's Synth mix) (Echospace [Detroit] 313LE)
03. Tokyo Black Star--Game Over (Loco Dice's 5AM At The Tsukiji Market mix) (from Bit Commander) (Innervisions 019)
04. Gys featuring Isaac Haile Selassie--Settlers Dub (De'fchild 009)
05. Terrence Dixon--Marathon (from Sabbatical) (Diggarama 014)
06. Blaze--Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision remix) (Playhouse 015)
07. Kenneth Scott--The Business (Clint Stewart's Business In The Front mix) (Nightlight 014)
08. DJ Sodeyama--Slow Mist (from Now Is The Time) (Archipel 055)
09. Someone Else--Elevator Music (from Pen Caps And Colored Pencils) (Foundsound CD01)
10. Rhythm & Sound featuring Bobbo Shanti--Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix) (Burial Mix BMX4)
11. xtrak--Speed (from Back Up) (Yore 001)
12. X District--Color Correction (Jimmy Edgar's LTNT mix) (Playhouse 149)
13. Anthony Rother vs Telekraft--Planet Telekraft (Telekraft 002)
14. Tim Fuller--The Slightest Touch (Miguel Graca dub) (from The Slightest Touch remixes Vol. 1) (Bombay 131)
15. Modul--Tekno (from Acid Reborn V) (Chi 023)
16. Barada--Glue (Definitive 018)
17. Mike Edge--Walking Alone (Patrice Scott's Atmospheric mix) (Sistrum 007)
18. Nebraska--Me Me Me (from Vicarous Disco) (Down Low 014)
19. Christian Orlo--La Tempestad (Chris Fortier's 40oz mix) (Dialtone 028)
20. Transparent Sound--Cider Club (Fine Cut Bodies remix) (Chi 021)
21. Acid Junkies--Chica Go Sexy (from Crane Dance) (Acid Junkies 0801)
22. Terrence Dixon--Minerals (Matt Chester remix) (from The Remixes EP) (Nice &nd Nasty)
23. 2000 and One--Line Dimension (from Neverending Cycle) (Eevolute 003r)
24. Name + Relucto--Long Black Curly Teeth (from Spawn Of Spoon) (Hum + Haw 004)
25. Arkipov--Our Network (from b.59 EP) (Diplomatik 002)
26. Rework--Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe remix) (Playhouse 138)
27. Orlando Voorn--Game One (Nightvision Retro)
28. Javier Drada--Pa Los Santos De New Orleans (Kitty Kat Sacrifice mix) (Resisted Resonance 004)
29. Tres Demented--Brainfreeze (Carl Craig's Sessions mix) (Studio !K7 CD224)
30. Varga Zsuzsa--Be Infected (Fine Cut Bodies' This Is Infected mix) (Chi COC012)
31. Movido--Lagrimas E Palito (from Movido Dubs) (Loveslap! 047)
32. Rhythm & Sound--Si Mi Version (Basic Reshape) (Burial Mix BMX4)
33. Mossmoss--Eighty Ate (from Eating Glass) (Nightlight X03)
34. Jose James--Desire & Love (Moodymann remix) (Brownswood 034)
35. Reggie Dokes--Release Yourself (Mix 1) (Prime Numbers CD02)
36. Dop--Lighthouse (radio mix) (from The Lighthouse) (Orac 028)
37. Kuniyuki Takahishi--All These Things (from Remixes #1) (Theo Parrish remix) (Mule Musiq 028)
38. Ezekiel Honig--Broken Marching Band (from Surfaces Of A Broken Marching Band) (Anticipate 006)
39. Francesco Tristano--Auricle Bio On 1 (Moritiz Von Oswald remix) (Infine 1004)
40. Motor City Drum Ensemble--Sun Sequence (Four Roses 004)
41. Pole--Alles Gute (Scape 056)
42. $tinkworx--Coelacanth (Strange Life 017)
43. Asymetrical Head--Abandoned Bike (Qorser's Flat Land mix) (from Feeling Sorry For Inanimate (remixes)) (Experimedia 047)
44. Bleupulp--Haus No (from Your Interest Toward People) (Experimedia 048)
45. Matt Chester--Down & Out In EC2 (from Endless Days) (Eleventh Hour 006)
46. Rayuela--Non Dispedere (from Non Dispedere) (Archipel 053)
47. Justin Martin--My Angelic Demons (dub 1) (Buzzin' Fly 040)
48. :PAPERCUTZ--Ultravioleta (The Sight Below remix) (Apegenine 006)
49. xtrak--Flada (from Back Up) (Yore 001)
50. 2000 and One--Monobass (from Neverending Cycle) (Eevolute 003r)
51. Convextion--Solum Ferrum (from Convextion) (Down Low VEXT CD)
52. Stefny--Fallin' For (from Migratory Insertion) (Archipel 054)
53. LOD--Sabado Gris (Tomas Jirku's Scooby-Doo Gristle mix) (Klitekture)
54. Hirnlego--Bit Holes (from Andrew Duke Chain Reaction contest) (FOEM/Crema 004)
55. Onark--Circuit Breaker (Trulz and Robin remix) (Fine Art 010)
56. Acid Junkies--Haunted Memories (from Crane Dance) (Acid Junkies 0801)
57. Jens Loden--First One (Andre Lodeman remix) (Fine Art 009)
58. Common Factor--Get Down #3 (from That Was Then) (Playhouse 111)
59. Dubloner featuring Isaac Haile Selassie--Impakt Dub (De'fchild 009)
60. Christian Prommer's Drumlesson--Dirty Drums (Sonar Kollektiv)
61. Detroit People Mover--Strangers (Twilight Encounter) (6ONE6 unreleased)
62. AMB--Pellet (Dan F's Killer Bunnies mix) (Chi 020)
63. Splatter--Urban Witchcraft (from Clynical Swamp) (Dialtone 026)
64. Arthur Oskan--Aerial (from Flight Patterns) (Matrix 017)
65. My My--Pelourinho (from Songs For The Gentle) (Playhouse 129)
66. Andy Vaz featuring Alton Miller-- Bygone Times (Yore 012LTD)
67. Matthew Bandy--Derty Werk (Asad Rizvi mix) (Reverberations 022)
68. Chaircrusher--Battery3FM8 (Cornwarning unreleased)
69. Kris Moon--Bossman 2.6 (Fourth City)
70. The Trinity--Burning Spear (Underground Resistance 7-063)



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