Sinewave Podcast 01


Jan 3 2009, 0h31

Sinewave Net Label - Sinewave Podcast 01

In an effort to make our work (and post-rock in general) more available to the general public, we decided to start our own podcast - the Sinewave Podcast. In this first issue we start by playing two songs that named our net label - Mogwai's "Sine Wave" and Slowdive's "Sinewaves", the latter being a rare outtake. Then we talk about our good and bad impressions on the new Sigur Rós album, playing also Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, an obscure shoegaze band from the Czech Republic. We present two great Brazilian post-rock bands - Hoping To Collide With (a Sinewave new release) and Labirinto -, and we finish by talking about This Will Destroy You concert in New York, together with a shoegaze classic by Chapterhouse.

Take an hour to listen to it and send us your comments. (Please be aware that it's in portuguese).

- Mogwai - Sine Wave
- Slowdive - Sinewaves
- Sigur Rós - Festival
- Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Icecream Star
- Hoping to Collide With - The Last Straw
- Labirinto - Aurora
- This Will Destroy You - Quiet
- Chapterhouse - Pearl


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