ButtaFly Tunez Album Review


Mai 26 2007, 23h04

Nowadays, when anyone mentions the Miami music sce...
Nowadays, when anyone mentions the Miami music scene we automatically conjure up images of WMC techno parties, Trick Daddy with his 'dro in the wind, 2 Live Crew booty shots, and Craze wrecking the wheels of steel. So to say the least, it was a welcome surprise to receive DJ Sid's recent album, Buttafly Tunez. An all-instrumental, self-produced affair, Buttafly Tunez is more reminiscent of a dubby, Funky Porcini or DJ Cam outing than anything you'd expect from Miami. Tracks like Jazz Me and Lt. Uhura feature insanely large drums with complex programming to match. Her Name Was Sparrow and Your Eyez emit a mellow, heartfelt vibe, while First Contact sounds like a soundtrack to tumbling forward in space. Towards the end of the disc, Sid ventures into soulful and downtempo house territory, upping the tempo but keeping the chilled vibe on lock. I personally have an affinity for jazzed out, spacey instrumentals, so each of the album's 19 tracks went down like water. But even for the uninitiated, DJ Sid offers enough sonic variations to keep even the most ADD afflicted individual's head bobbing.

Review by Dj Trew
April 12, 2007



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