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  • cptn_

    I'm fucking embarrassed to have your ugly artists on my profile

    março 2009
  • cptn_

    what the fuck is wrong with you

    março 2009
  • pratumaurora

    you sure did change that dj pic alright, hoho. can't get much more flattering than that.

    novembro 2008
  • nicoinfurs


    outubro 2008
  • fitzy7840

    the picture is just how he is, let it stay. Just because he's a genius doesn't mean you need to post flattering pictures of him. The best pictures are the most telling ones, and this one sort of tells us about him a bit

    outubro 2008
  • blue_shoes

    Hey daniel johnston deserves a better picture than the one you've given him. the man is a genius. sure he makes outsider music, and he's an unusual character, but why use a terrible picture? change it go on

    outubro 2008
  • 23banda

    troppo belle le canzoni di Daniel Johnston

    outubro 2008
  • frederickallen

    i agree with the [deleted-user], what the fuck is up with that?

    setembro 2008
  • Zapoppin

    Thats cool, if you ever wanna put out a record by the original twang-stick/groan-cabinet experience Zapoppin'...we're eager...

    agosto 2008
  • ratita

    congrats, friends! I love daniel's songs

    julho 2008
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