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    Hey guys, I just found this awesome band, Slit My Wrists Or Die Trying. Their name is kind of hokey, but some of their stuff is actually pretty good. And they manage to pull off not having a drummer. I didn't think it as possible but it works. Their untitled song is absolutely fantastic.


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    • Jun 13 2006, 4h00
    wow, if they ARE emo, they are VERY cliched.

    I'll definately check it out.



    annaWHORE xxX

  • I changed my name, so, that is me ^ ^ ^ up there.


  • The recording is horrible, it's way too sharp. Their name, album name (Cut to Feel) and lyrics are way too cliche, and will probably be used against Emo sometime soon. The guitar riffs are creative, but not good. \\=

  • Okay, just a double-posy, but I got through listening to "50 Tylenol Wasn't Enough", and like I'm seriously forced to ask are they joking? The backing vocals are comical, and they start laughing during the recording of it. ???

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