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Líderes: Erkan-Yilmaz e wood_and_string
Política de associação: Aberta
Criado em: 13 Fev 2011
combine wood & string... close your eyes... and enjoy the emerging sounds of the instruments

global tag "wood and string": PLAY

Being able to play the below instruments individually only became uncomfortable, so the tag "" is used to play.You can help too, see here.

Currently there are following ways to start listening:
1. user wood_and_string's library
2. global tag:
3. below tags
4. group radio (note: this will play also other tracks users have)
5. Spotify-playlists:
- from user: wood_and_string
-- top artists
-- recommendations
- "Wood and String" (so far only their own albums and not the also-appears-on-albums since I'm not always sure they fall under the tag)
6. play (available) tracks on Youtube
from user wood_and_string:
- top artists
- recommendations

(play), , (play), ,

(play), (play), , (play)

(play), (play), (play), (play), (play), , (play), (play), , (play), , , , (play)

(play), , , (play)

(play), (play), (play), (play), , (play), (play)

(play), (play), (play) / (play), (play), (play)

(play), (play), (play), (play), (play)
(play), (play)

(play), , , (play), , , (play),

(play), (play), (play),

(play), (play), (play)


more to come...
(if you have ideas, please tell us)

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