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Líder: errrrm
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Criado em: 24 Out 2009
A new dawn, a new signal -
The new imprint by Phace and Misanthrop

With both Phace and Misanthrop taking the Drum & Bass world by storm, collectively releasing tunes on labels like Virus, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, Vision, Cyanide and Shadow Law, the time was right for this trio of Germans to set the stage for the next chapter in their combined musical lives.
NΞOSIGNAL tries to break through the borders of stereotypical conventions to cultivate a ground for a new breed of sound. NΞOSIGNAL does not care about genres and restrictions, it cares about timeless characteristics, whether it feels dance floor orientated or not. With the support of the scene’s finest artists NEOSIGNAL stands up for pushing the limits, both sonically and visionary.

AIM_Screenname: NEOSIGNAL & NSGNL3002

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