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Líderes: bnadenada e oskarmonk
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knertz was officially founded in 2007, functioning as a receptacle/pool for art - specifically music.

'knertz' is less of a label than a collective of artists commiting themselves to creating and/or perfoming music of an uncommon and exceptional type. artists commiting themselves to the knertz collective are unbound in a financial and contractual manner, meaning the linchpin that holds knertz together is an attempt to concertedly and/or individually create independent music considering a redesign and interfuse of aspects and means of existing genres and styles. artists, domiciled in the knertz collective, are and can hail from any musical direction. knertz's participants often work together and help eachother out in a variety of ways. the overall connection among the musicians and their works mustn't always be of a stylistic type rather than beeing found in the concept of open mindedness according to excertion of music and it's results. our music is intended to be understood by a small group of people rather than the broad mass. we welcome like-minded individuals and groups and are happy about any form and will of participation.

'knertz' ?
the term "knertz" originates from the german adjective "knertzig" (english would be something like "knertzy"), which we ourselves brought to being and define as a combination of something agil, organic, unsteril, analog, sometimes scratchy and maybe a little dirty. (we like homerecording, we like cheap microphones, we like the crackling of record players.)

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