Rate the above user's music taste

  • Some great music there mate.

  • please excuse my bad englisch language :)

    person above me:

    first of all our compare thing is Medium, so based on that i can give it like, a 4 right? looking at the bar.

    but i have to say that Modest Mouse is really cool as a top artist so bonus points for that. (and Tom Waits!! :) )

    looking at your top 50 artist i don't really see artist that i really hate or something, except for a couple that i think kinda suck, like bloc party, alkaline trio, franz ferdinand,the maccabees, mistery jets... shit like that i don't care for but i think it's ok if that your thing. but most artist make up for them i think.


    • f_k_o_s disse...
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    • Mai 21 2012, 19h34
    Hmm, we only have medium compatibility, but I like your taste. The National, The Boss, The Smiths (Y)


    Make your music.
    Make it so loud, so trite.
    Make your music.
    Make your music that some cunt might like.

    Frightened Rabbit - Music Now
  • Good stuff, although our compatibility is only 'medium'. Not too much electronic stuff or hip-hop (been on a big electronica/trip-hop kick lately), but definite points for Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Pink Floyd, Elliot Smith, the National, and of course the almighty Modest Mouse.


  • Very High. Not bad at all. Good mix.

  • 8/10

    high comparison, very cool female singer/songwriters, PJ Harvey, Cat Power are awesome. lots of great other stuff too

  • Very High, 8/10

    Fans of The Boss but also indie fans are hard to come by, I can dig this.

    Especially fan of the Beach House and Deerhunter.

  • Well since our compatibility is SUPER, you shall receive a high rating.

    Points for - Sleigh Bells, The Black Keys, tUnE-yArDs, Deerhunter, YYY's, Deerhoof, Floyd, and especially Madvillain. Not enough people on the indie forums listen to enough indie hip-hop IMHO.

    You, sir, receive a 9.2 out of a possible 10. This score is amazing! Jump for joy!

    EDIT: Not sure why this posted twice. Probably because Last.fm knows I'm a BAWSE.

  • 9/10 - Super compatability. There are a handful of artists I'm not too keen on but not too many.

  • Vivian Girls love connection over here, nice too see that, super compatibility so i'm gonna give you a high score. lots of great stuff your listening too. couldn't really find any bands in your list that i hate, mabye some I don't care for, some i have not heard of and make me curious.


  • 7/10
    There are not many bands I know, so I can't evaluate those. But I can do it with the bands I know, and there are a lot of very good, even awesome (Bruce Springsteen or Ramones) bands.
    Nice taste

    group: Música en Teruel
    Liga ACB
  • You do have a few good bands on there, like Placebo, Blur and The Cure. However, I am not a fan or dislike a few bands in there too.


  • It says our compatibility is low but I see some bands I love there. And none which I'd really hate, though I have some prejudice towards Radiohead. Overall, I'd say you have a very sympathetic taste.


  • Well, it's impossible to rate your taste since I don't know 98% of the bands there. Only thing I can do is rate those remaining 2% which are really cool.
    Frank Zappa, Boris, WWW, Voivod, Ulver, Earth, King Crimson - those bands are truly awesome although some of them have only few listens.

    I would give you 9/10.

  • We have pretty different taste, but points for the Melvins, the Doors, Cold War Kids, Queens of the SA, Johnny Greenwood, and Sabbath. Deduction for King Crimson (sorry, not into the proggy stuff). And there are a bunch of bands I've never listened to so I can't really rate you on those.


  • Your musical compatibility with uglychuckanova is Super

    Music you have in common includes Sleigh Bells, Elliott Smith, Pavement, Phantogram and Cat Power.

  • Hard to judge. It says we have a low compatibility. But you really have some good music there... and nothing I consider irritating. I haven't ever heard about many of your favourite artists which makes me sad. Your taste seems sympathetic to me nevertheless...


    • Dimax4 disse...
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    • Abr 23 2015, 22h27
    Music you have in common includes Thou, Panopticon, Crywank, Einstürzende Neubauten and Chet Faker.

    Good mix of everything.

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