building a music library. itunes on windows.

  • building a music library. itunes on windows.

    hi. was curious, if i was to start building a music library, and im on windows, do you think itunes is the best way to go? i want to invest in a format that is 'future proof' or close to it. since plunking down real money can be a problem if you dont have much to began with.

    since itunes is really an apple company is it smart to invest in the windows itunes format. i would be really upset if itunes for windows (after spending money in the store) was discontinued. what would be the best music format to build my library upon? while also sounds very good.

    originally i thought about going the real cd route, due to audio quality, but one thing i failed to realize till today was, 'good cds are very expensive, quite rare, and even used cds with popular bands are also quite expensive" the rarer and more popular the cd the more expensive it is to buy. so even though i laughed at the idea of going the virtual route, now i know why its such a good idea. what would you advise me to do?

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