Hints for a beginner please

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    • Fev 4 2012, 15h15

    Hints for a beginner please

    Can Anybody give me some hints/clues for a beginner?

    • Arake disse...
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    • Fev 20 2012, 14h29
    learn the fretboard :) then, intervals

  • how much of a beginner exactly?
    a big one is don't focus entirely on technique. technique is important and playing fast is cool, but if you have no sense of melody or rhythm it just sounds like crap. and also don't worry about how fast you're playing. learn to play melodically first. too many guitarists end up as unmusical, uninteresting shredders with no sense of rhythm...

    and be open minded, to different genres and styles. you may not like jazz for instance, but even a small amount of exploring the genre in terms of guitar playing can really move your playing up a notch or two

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