EMO liriksi / EMO lyrics

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    EMO liriksi / EMO lyrics

    Ovdje lijepite najdraže EMO stihove.
    (You can paste your favourite EMO verses here.)

    Moj skromni doprinos:

    Get up kids - Valentine

    you bend and you wave when you're barely away
    i wish i could say tonight that when you bend and wave goodbye
    you'd take me with you

    Get up kids - Holiday

    what became of everyone i used to know? where did our respectable convictions go? your words don't match the story that your actions show, but what do i know?

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    Great topic, dude.

    I like these the best.


    a near miss or a close call?
    i keep a room at the hospital.
    i scratch my accidents into the wall.
    i couldn't wait to breathe your breath.
    i cut in line,
    i bled to death.
    i got to you, there was nothing left.

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    Here is a great song about being in love:

    Husker Du - Green eyes

    It's a great big world
    There's a million other guys
    I feel so lucky when I look
    In those green eyes

    Is it the sun
    That makes them so green
    Those are the prettiest eyes
    I have ever seen

    Green eyes...

    What makes them sparkle
    What makes them shine
    What makes those eyes of yours
    Look into mine

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