appreciation for old beck

  • appreciation for old beck

    if i'm feeling really down, there is only one thing i can listen to which will make me feel better. this is old Beck tunes. i mean, his recordings from 1994 and before, excluding Mellow Gold.

    I'm talking about A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight, One Foot In The Grave, Stereopathetic Soul Manure, Golden Feelings, and also music which has been bootlegged, like Banjo Story, Fresh Meat & Old Slabs and others.

    This stuff is so genuine, so close to my heart. i wish he'd make some stuff like this again.

  • beck is good for you...

    Sometimes when you're down and lonely, just spin a beck album and all of your troubles melt away. Beck is the musical equivalent of X, it blows your mind, opens your thoughts and takes away all the bad juju. Old beck music (I'm talking pre- Odelay) really has that good old-fashioned lo-fi feel all of us fell in love with....

    Anyways I <3 Beck

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  • scavenger

  • Where do you find these old beck albums? Ive been trying to find them since the summer and cant seem to find them anywhere?

  • I love Mellow Gold because those songs are fall of attitude.

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