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  • piku_79

    outubro 2012
  • 2Gns

    Huge thanks to Masterosos for the news on the new e.p + l.p!

    junho 2010
  • FudoKazuki

    Check out an maker from Ukraine Kuno

    maio 2010

    Hi chaps...first things first, congrats to theoryjean on the initiative of consolidating our adoration for Jens & Hallvard. Just started my account on so apologies for being talkative but there are some good & bad news to reveal....managed to get hold of Jens from XP who confirmed that there will be an EP coming out probably in March (some old & new tracks, 6 tunes in total) via Beatservice. Also confirmed that our super-duper plastic duo is working hard on a follow-up to the TTRR due in 2011. What's sad is a lack of tour dates in 2010 and Jens doubts whether there will be any at all :-( as for TTRR, all I can say is that this is the most amazing set of tracks I stumbled upon in 2008 and has been contributing to my late night sessions since. Take care and stay tuned as probably some of you have already spotted there is a new XP webiste being prepared and we will have a chance to see the results shortly. Ta ta.

    janeiro 2010
  • GeneralCrabcake

    I agree with slimg (below). I get chills listening to "Treated Timber Resists Rot" which was my introduction to Xploding Plastix. The album is so wonderfully cinematic and original. Although I love their earlier work, this one is still my favourite. Wonderfully and cleverly crafted. I like the more electronic feel, and when the bell and chime loops come in, I get chills. Such a brilliant use of bell percussives give this album an indescribable ambience.

    janeiro 2010
  • noitoM

    The Best !!! :)))

    agosto 2009
  • slimg

    Their newest album "Treated Timber Resists Rot" is a _must_ for everyone who loved "Donca Matic Singalongs", I don't know how to describe the feelings rushing thru every fiber of me while listening to any of the Treated Timber tracks: Amazing!... Marvelous!... Magic!... and constant goosebumps throughout the entire album! Ps. I'm becoming aware that I've got very slim chances of ever becoming a successful music-critic ;) hehe

    setembro 2008
  • Cosmiksquirel

    This is a pretty nice groupe you have here, I hope to see more :)

    maio 2007
  • gus-stuff

    I like your stuff. Greets from Germany.

    abril 2007
  • ThisMeansWar

    HøneFOSS! høneFOSS! høøøøøønefOSSS!

    março 2007