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Winston McCall; the colossus
Group for anyone that thinks this absolute nutter is a monster

Lead Vox for THE Parkway Drive, Australian and superhuman.

These are just some of the attributes that the titan possesses.

His band, Parkway Drive, started in 2003.

Since that fateful moment they have released a split with their almighty brothers I Killed the Prom Queen and another split with hardcore acts Shoot To Kill and Think Straight under the name what we've built.
After that they released a colossal EP entitled Don't Close Your Eyes in 2004 which was then re-released in 2006 with added clarity and insanity, and two full albums under the names; Killing With a Smile which came to grace in 2005; and Horizons which was given birthing rights in 2007.

Deep Blue is their latest masterpiece, brought to life in 2010

Winston can also be found beasting it out with guest vocals on the 50 Lions' track Locrian

Also found laying waste to The Warriors' track Panic

Winston McCall is also in another, much less known, hardcore band, Rain Dogs. Hailing from Byron Bay in Australia (obviously). A live video of them can be found here:

Other than the band, Winston is also a professional body-boarder. He is an honoured member of the Unite 2009 body-boarding team.
But obviously body-boarding doesn't get kids as pumped as the band does.

In Winston McCall, We Trust

Did someone say videos of the beast? Eat your hearts out: - Winston giving some inspirational lines and what he usually listens to - Winston talking casual and generally being a nutter - General trivia with the beast, he likes COOKING?!?!?! - An entire 9 minutes of the animal, interviewer is a bit awkward though - at 0.36 there is proof that Winston is actually superhuman, I don't see how anyone could make that jump

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