Did I stop Over-Thinking?

  • Did I stop Over-Thinking?

    Hi there, I thought on sharing something. I wouldn't know where to start. It has been almost two years of building up an entirely different way of thinking and it had gone even beyond (i.e beyond words). I will just let it out, trying to be short, and then I will continue according to possible replies.

    You will judge if it is important or not.

    What am I? ... was something that I deeply wanted to know, so I searched ... I did it for years. It took me a long while to understand that I could not get there if I stayed at the level of the mind. One can't understand things that are beyond a tool by using the same tool.

    I wont say what I am and what you could be because it would be long, strange and quite hard to put in words. I could try later tho. But I do will say what I'm not. I'm not just a body that carries thoughts, memories, wishes, feelings and so on. However, most of people identify theirselves with those things, they think that they are that.

    In order to reach a true understanding of the self being, the world and more, a person - first of all - has to experience the awareness. There is a significant difference between thinking about something and experiencing it, specially when is something unknown. You wouldn't know what the honey really is until you taste it, in other words, you wouldn't be close to its true if you had nothing but thoughts.

    The first step to experience the awareness is to be totally present, living through the self presence. It is also a state quite hard to get for an over-thinker who can be use to be absent, absorbed by mind activity.

    The presence can become then into a "new" and trustable source of knowledge. new with " ", because we born with it so is not that new, and trustable, because nature put it there. That's why religions are useless.

    Why most people aren't aware of these things? because since early ages the self-perception started to take a distorted shape. The "social circle" is key here. Most of the society structures were built and remain working through the mind .... It wont never work well that way.

    I'm going to stop here and wait for others to come :)

    Have fun.

  • I'll not say the way you think it's great because I'd be subjective, so I will say that your thoughts are pretty similar to mine, at least in all what you wrote here.
    I will come later and add a longer message, perhaps.

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  • yes and no..

    "Look at your eyes- they're small in size, but they see enormous things."
    Listening to mewithoutYou right now :]

    While I agree with you to an extent, I think we need the two part system of experience and analysis to truly have the whole. Many people will get caught up in one or the other, which is never good. I have recently, such as yourself, started to realize I used to be caught up in too much of the intellectual and not enough of the perception, and that is certainly no way to live. So I've been trying my best to go out and experience as much as I can. If I catch myself not liking something or a situation I ask myself why that is. Sometimes it is simply because I'm not really giving it a chance. We tend to have these filters we use to preassume that something is negative and avoid it even without having really experienced it openly. And some people just avoid experience altogether. If someone at the autumn of the their life has gained all their knowledge from books or intense rumination and not from years of experience, that is definitely a prime example for life wasted. Since a sentient being is defined as one capable of sense and self awareness I definitely agree with you Neo when you stress the importance of the enjoyment and sensation of information instead of the post-processing aspect that people can tend to get hung up on. On the opposite end of the spectrum however, i.m.o. someone who only feels and does not examine must have the mental faculty of a child. I mean really, can you imagine living in a world where people only act on their whims and visceral desires without fully thinking through consequences? Without anyone pondering as to the nature of this world and why things behave in the fashion that they do? Cause then there goes ethics, society, and modern science, pretty much everything but the most basic of pleasures and pains. As with everything, it's all about balance, my friend :]

    This is entirely random and I may be tempted to make a new thread about this, but speaking of experiences made me think of this.. I have a hard time remembering things which is incredibly frustrating. But I've found that music, better than anything else, helps put me right back in time to an exact location and experience. Isn't that wonderful? That's one of the innumerable things I love about music, that it can make you feel something you enjoyed in the past all over again.


  • the last part about the music that takes you back to sceneries and places and moods... absolutely true, first time i experienced this it was just the memories of a book i read (i had the Queen II album playing all repeat while reading).
    but to your main point:
    i see those bipolarities in so much things. its not only ratio and emotions, its also greed and abstinence, extrovert and introvert, sacrifice for others and selfishness, a.s.o..... all those comparisons arent good if you extreme them in one way or the other. its always the golden middle course that counts and works. it took me a while to see this and a second to get this together with subjectivity and constructivistic views. what i mean is, sadly many people dont ever see that others got other point of views, and therefore also other expressions of their own personal golden middle course.
    and its all those beliefs which point between the two poles is the golden one that one single person has, that kinda make the most of the personality of this person.

    this whole "stopped over-thinking"-thing seems to go in a direction where everyone just writes stuff from his mind, thats more or less, cant really say it in other words: reports of self-illumination and mind-widening. which isnt "stop over-thinking at all" :)

    i really like that...

    have a good day folks

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