Thoughts On The Lovester!!

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    • Mai 20 2008, 17h37
    OH GOD, you guys are the best.
    I think I will die of laughter if they reply.

  • HAHahaha, I would but I totally dont have the mad design skills that you have. It would love like a kindergartener made it. However, that would make it even funnier :) I'll give it a go--

    CAN NOT wait to see what MLFC says to you...hahahhahha that makes me laugh so much :P

  • Ok, I just came from the MLFC website and they have replaced that blank white mug image with one that has the weird ML in red design that they use, lol. You must have shaken them up, Renu-hahahaa.

  • How's this?

    The best I could do...

  • Woah, I have mad design skills? Thanks! Haha, that was just a quick copy-and-paste job, but I like how it turned out. I guess the folks over at MLFC didn't. Ah well. It's hilarious that the blank mug image was replaced so soon after I sent them my design!

    The Lovester would totally ogle those beach bunnies on your mug! I loved the part in 'An American Family' when he takes off his ring as the way too desperate fangirls (who probably had beer-goggles on) mobbed him.

    "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."
    -Albert Schweitzer
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  • That was the best line/scene of the entire movie...

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