Songbird on Ubuntu Linux: Importing your Itunes playlist from windows

  • Songbird on Ubuntu Linux: Importing your Itunes playlist from windows

    For those interested in converting their windows Itunes library to a linux Songbird library and keeping the two synced, There are a couple great things that work along side of songbird to make this easier. Everyone knows about the Ipod support extension, it's no secret, but another extension you should look at is itunes Library Importer. This works well for transferring the Itunes library within windows(currently I have not tested it for mac) but unfortunately does not work to transfer your Windows Itunes library to Linux Songbird.

    After many hours of tweaking and whatnot I found the answer. It is an addon program called iImport. from the developers site,

    The idea is that every time you run Songbird, iImport will convert the iTunes Library into a valid iTunes Library on the current OS, and then Songbird will load this new Library (which I call Songbird Library). To do this, instead of launching Songbird, you launch iImport, which takes the original iTunes Library file, replaces every occurrences of your other OS path to the songs with the current one, and finally launches Songbird.

    Simply put it makes the file paths valid in lunix for the songs in the Itunes library.xml making it usable by the itunes library importer in a linux songbird.

    The instructions are in link above but here is my experience. The pre-compiled version didn't work right away on my install of ubuntu so I had to compile it from source myself. I know some people may be skiddish about compiling stuff from source but it was quick, simple and ensured that it would work for my install. So don't be shy! Give it a whirl and I hope this helps out some fellow bird lovers make a switch if and when they do.

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