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This group is made for members of the website Toonami Aftermath. Here, TA members can connect not only through television interests, but musical interests as well.

Toonami Aftermath is an internet television channel dedicated to the golden years of tv programming that was cartoon network's Toonami. Anime, cartoons, comedy, action and parody are just a few words to describe the weekly lineup here at the Toonami Aftermath broadcast. This is a great channel for anyone who wants to revisit Toonami the way it was meant to be seen. The channel features a 24/7 broadcast, over 20 program blocks scheduled Daily and original content for a more relevant and thematic experience for the viewer. The Toonami Aftermath website launched on June 14th 2010 but the stream has been up 24/7 since January 18th 2010 and we are just getting started.

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